Failed MD:LED-D35-2 LED Driver in Outdoor Fixtures

Defective Outdoor LampPoorly designed and built electronic LED components have created both short-term problems for people like you with broken products (like the MD:LED-D35-2) and unfortunately they have also helped damage the long-term reputation of LEDs. At LEDSupply we only provide LED parts and components from top brands like MagTech Industries for example, brands that have proven themselves over-time by providing long-lasting products (like the: LD-CU7021AF).

If unfortunately you have bought an outdoor LED fixture like the Dawson Twin Pack Wall Mount Outdoor Black LED Lantern by Hampton Bay (model# DWSW200030LBKC) and it failed, first of all, you aren’t the only one and secondly, we can help you recoup some costs.

Hundreds of now customers originally contacted us with emails like these:

Example Email 1

Quick question on an LED Driver replacement.  I have an outdoor light post that has three lamps, each lamp has 3 led’s with the led driver pictured below powering them. I need a replacement and am wondering if your part number LD-CU7021AF is a suitable replacement, or if you recommend something else. -Mike

Defective md:led-d35-2 Driver

Defective MD:LED-D35-2 LED Driver

Example Email 2

I hope you are able to help me out with my attempt to revive a discontinued LED porch light. The original LED driver has failed. Need something that is compatible with an RoHS driver. Tested the LED’s, they both work. 

Model # LED-D35-2
Input AC 120V; 60Hz
Output DC6-10v; 700mA
Load 6-9watt LED in series (It drives a pair of TVZT-3010-03UP LED’s)

MagTech LED Driver LD-CU7021AF

MagTech Replacement LD-CU7021AF LED Driver

Fortunately we offer a class 2 outdoor rated MagTech LED replacement driver with almost identical specifications. If you haven’t heard of MagTech, they’re located in the US and have been in-business for 26-years. We, as a supplier of theirs, have never had any issues with their products and highly recommend them. The MagTech LD-CU7021AF LED driver we offer is the perfect substitute for a defective LED-D35-2. It has short circuit and overload protection, is very compact in size (2.56”L X 1.28”W X 0.90”H), and has all the same input and output specifications of the driver you need to replace except for a slightly different output voltage; the MagTech output voltage range is more versatile and ranges from 4Vdc to 12Vdc, where the MD:LED-D35-2 only ranges from 6Vdc to 10Vdc. The intelligence inside the driver will automatically sense the voltage required of the LEDs and deliver the correct amount.

Installing the new LED driver:

Physically replacing the defective driver with this new MagTech is very easy. The new driver has different wire colors so be sure to follow the directions below. There are also no mounting options so sometimes double sided tape or velcro is helpful for keeping it put inside the fixture.

  1. Disconnect the old driver, the new driver does not have the quick disconnects so you can cut the wires before the connector.
  2. Use wire nuts to connect the wires: Black to Black, Red to Red on output. Blue to White, Brown to Black on the input. (pictured below)
  3. Test the lights and put the assembly back together for a fixed light!ld-cu7021af replacement

Should you have any questions our LD-CU7021AF MagTech product page provides more details or we are also available through email ( and phone (802) 728 6031.

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Technology enthusiast working to enable the use of LED lighting - Living in the Green Mountain State of Vermont with my family and working with a company like LEDSupply, that is helping to provide energy saving LED products, is a great place and platform to accomplish my lifelong goal of making a positive impact on our world.


    • Hi Brenda,

      Sorry for the delay in this item. We will have this back in stock by the end of the month, June 29th to be exact. They go fast so it might be a good idea to get yours held today so we can ship it back out. If not, we have a big order coming in on the 29th so if you order right around then you will be sure to get the driver. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.

      Taylor Scully
      LEDSupply Team

    • Yes Yanan. We offer three different services to Canada: USPS First Class International (slowest but least expensive), USPS Priority International and FedEx International Priority. Once you add the items to your cart and input your shipping information, our system with automatically quote the cost in real-time.

  • Hi would like to purchase 6 ROHS Drivers Model # LED-D35-2Input AC 120V; 60Hz Output DC6-10v; 700mA Load 6-9watt LED in series. Is there some available or like kind can be purchase. Let me know please when you have a chance.

    • Hi Marcel- We just sold-out, but have more arriving on July 23rd. Feel free to follow the links in the post to make a purchase or call and we can do that for you. Although we can’t ship immediately we are recommending people get their orders in asap to reserve their drivers.

  • Your MagTech LD-CU7021AF LED driver is again out of stock, do you expect to have it in stock soon? Thank you

    • Hi Philippe,

      Yes these will be back in stock on October 9th. Sorry for the delay. I would suggest placing an order now to get your name on the backorder list so you are guaranteed to get them. They are going fast but if you prefer waiting come back around October 9th and place an order for one.

      LEDSupply Team

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