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LED light ktisSave time and assure a successful end product for your LED lighting project with one of our LED kits. Here we can assemble, solder, design almost any kind of LED kit that you want. Our stock items include LED housings, complete with LED(s), optics and drivers; choose from a 'fully assembled' kit or 'components only'. We also offer DIY LED reef tank lights and LED grow light kits with step-by-step instructions, video tutorials and wiring schematics. We even have simple battery operated strip kits and a fun projector LED light kit for kids.


Battery-Operated Flexible LED Light Strip
20” long flexible LED Strip Light powered by 8AA Battery Pack. Just peel, stick and switch! Over 30 Hours of Battery Life!
Product ID : AA-20-FLEX
Custom Length Reef Tank LED Kit
Turn-key Reef Tank Kit using high-power Cree LEDs (solderless), a MakersLED Heatsink, fan(s), lens, accessories, with included power-supplies and controllers for setting sunrise, sunset, cloud cover and lightning storms.
Product ID : RT-80W-KIT
Dynamic LED Light Kit
Assembled LED light kit that uses the Dynamic LED Housing with an LED and Optic of your choice.
Product ID : DLK-xUP-EH-KIT
LED Grow Light Kit
Full spectrum LED grow kit with a simple DIY set-up and easily scalable from small to large grows.
Product ID : LEDGROW-80W-KIT
LED Housing - 1-Up 26.5mm LED Lighting Kit
Includes: 1-Up 26.5mm aluminum LED star housing, LED, 26.5mm optic, optic holder & 6" leads
Product ID : ALK-26M-1UP-KIT
LED Light Housing Kit - 15-Watt
Includes: 15-watt aluminum housing, LED, optic, optic holder & driver
Product ID : ALK-LH-15W-KIT
LED Light Housing Kit - 3-Watt
Includes: 3-watt aluminum housing, LED, optic, optic holder & driver
Product ID : ALK-LH-3W-KIT
LED Light Housing Kit - 9-Watt
Includes: 9-watt aluminum housing, LED, optic, optic holder & driver
Product ID : ALK-LH-9W-KIT
LED Projector Box Kit
Put Your Name in Lights - Assemble or Pre-Built LED Projector Box Kit
Product ID : PBOX-KIT
MicroPuck LED Kit
Choose your LED and color, we will make it into a battery powered LED module using the MicroPuck Driver Circuit!
Product ID : KIT001
Motion Activated Battery-Powered Flexible LED Light Strip
Automatic Lighting! Battery-powered flexible LED strip that activates only when the sensor detects motion.
Product is out of stock
Nano Reef Tank LED Light Kit
Turn-key Nano Tank Kit using high-power Cree LEDs (solderless), a 10-Inch MakersLED Heatsink, fan(s), lens, accessories, with included power-supply and controller for setting sunrise, sunset, cloud cover and lightning storms.
Product ID : NANO-KIT

General Information on LED Kits


Does buying a kit save money?
Will LEDSupply put the kit together for me?
Yes, as an incentive to purchase all of the required items from LEDSupply, we normally offer at least a 5% discount when buying all the LED products as a 'LED kit' versus buying the items individually.  
Yes, many of our LED kits have an 'assemble' option, where we take the kit components you ordered and assemble them together.  Often this involves thermal epoxy and soldering.  In addition, upon special request we will offer a soldering service.  If there is no 'assemble' option for the kit you want, and you don't want to assemble it, please contact us for a quote.
Can I modify a kit?
Is there any DIY instructions?
Yes, sometimes it is impossible to offer every option in a kit and with so many different LED applications, it is common for us to take custom kit requests.  Just call or email and we can either place an order for you or advise on how to place a custom order.
Some of the LED kits we offer have example builds posted inside our 'DIY' section with pictures, instructions, material lists and more.  If you are hesitant about building a kit feel free to check there or please call and we can advise on whether you should attempt the build or not.
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I'm building a powerful light source for shadow performing and know that LED light creates the crispest, cleanest shadows of any light source. I wrote LED supply asking for information an...
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