Battery Holders

Powering LEDs with batteries is common, so we carry battery holders. You'll find AA & 9V battery holders able to hold multiple batteries. Our holders come with leads and have options for an on/off switch and plugs.


9V Battery Holder with Switch and Leads
This is a 9V battery holder with on/off switch and 6-inch wire leads.
Product ID : BH-9V-SWITCH
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AA Battery Holder with Leads
Double A (AA) battery holders with a single open side and 6" wire leads; available in 2AA and 6AA.
Product ID : BH-XAA-WIRE
AA Battery Holders with Switch and Leads
AA Battery Holders with switch, cover and 6-inch leads - available options for number of cells include: 2AA, 3AA, 4AA & 8AA.
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This was the first time I have ordered from this company. I order a controller and it was missing a part. I called and the gentleman that answered with no hesitation said he would send ou...
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