Battery-Operated Flexible LED Light Strip

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  • Battery Powered - 30+ hour runtime
  • 3M adhesive for easy mounting
  • Great for use in remote, dark areas!

Product Details

LEDs: 5050 SMD LEDs  # of LEDs: Standard = 15 & High-Density = 30
No Tools, No Wiring, No Outlets COLORS: Cool, Neutral, Warm-White. RGB, Red, Green, Blue & Yellow
RUN-TIME: Over 30-hours with Duracell Copper Top POWER: 8AA Battery Pack (batteries not included)
MOUNTING: Adhesive backing for easy mounting WATER RESISTANT: IP65 Rated
CUTTABLE: Every 3 LEDs or 4-Inches LENGTH: 20-Inches *for longer length see 'cut to size' below
SIZE: Super slim - 10mm (W) X 3mm (H) CONNECTION: 2.1mm Male / Female Plug



Standard Density
High Density
15 LEDs
30 LEDs
225 Lumens
450 Lumens
30+ Hour Runtime
15+ Hour Runtime

Using a 20” section of our popular LED Flex Strips, powered by an 8AA battery pack, we created our first battery powered LED strip kit. The full strip holds 15 LEDs (Standard Density) or 30 LEDs (High Density) that give off about 225 to 450 Lumens! Perfect for small areas where you need a bit of extra light or areas where you can't get power to. With a thin layer of silicone over the top, these strips are protected from water, making it possible for outdoor use as well!

Plenty of Uses

These kits can be used for accent lighting, power outages, dark closets, camping, drawers, under-cabinets and a much more (application photos below). Because the light strips easily contour around curves and are installed by peeling the stick backing, they can be used almost anywhere by anyone looking for quick and easy lighting. Additionally, because the battery-pack and strips are connected with male/female plugs, they can also be easily used with dimming controls for wireless control.

On our blog we wrote-up a complete overview of the product and how it came about: The Search for the Best Battery Powered LED Strip: Options & Applications Detailed!

Choose Your Density

This comes in the standard or high density LED flex strip. See table to the right for LED, Lumen and run-time numbers:

Choose Your Color

These strips are offered in Standard & High-Density in the following colors: Warm White, Neutral White, Cool White, RGB (color changing)

Red, Green, Blue and Yellow are only offered in Standard Density!

Cut to Size

If you have an area that is smaller than 20”, you can actually cut the strip every 4 inches. Just cut right along the black cut lines! If you want a length of strip longer than 20-inches then you will need to order the components separately and note during check-out to include plugs. Here are links to each component: LED Strips, Dimmer & 8AA Battery Pack.

Battery Pack

The battery pack holds 8 AA batteries that will power the standard density strip for 24+ hours. When the batteries run out, just switch them out with new batteries and you are good to go. The strip turns on via a slider switch on the side of the pack. We have also put double sided tape on the back of the pack (just like the strips) so you can easily mount it.

Dimming & Control Options

The battery and strips are connected via male and female 2.1mm power plug connectors. Therefore you can easily use our 1-channel dimmer, as seen in video. For RGB strips you can use the 3-Channel RGB controller to change color and brightness. 

Installation - 4 easy steps

1. Fill battery holder with 8AA batteries
2. Peel adhesive backing off strips/battery pack
3. Mount wherever you need
4. Switch on!



dark closet lit by battery operated flexible led light stripdrawer lit with battery operated flexible led light stripunder-cabinet lighting with battery operated led flex stripCar trunk lit with battery operated flexible led light stripPantry lit with battery operated flexible led light stripDark cupboards lit with battery operated flexible led light strip



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