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Cree XPE2 - RGB High Power LED

Cree XPE2 - RGB High Power LED
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Product Details

Featured Specifications

Red, Green, Blue (RGB) XP-E2 LEDs Individually Addressable RED Cree#: XPEBRD-L1-0000-00701 (P2)
Compatible with Triple Cree Optics GREEN Cree#: XPEBGR-L1-0000-00D01 (Q5)
Silicone Carbide (SC3) Technology BLUE Cree# XPEBBL-L1-0000-00Y01 (K2)



The red, green, blue (RGB) Cree XLamp® XP-E2 high-power LED uses an emitter the same size (3.45mm square foot-print) as the original XP-E, but by using silicone carbide SC3 technology Cree has increased lumen output and doubled the lumens per dollar over the original XP-E. This performance includes colors (RGB) and in most cases the XP-E2 LED is 88% brighter than alternative high-brightness color LEDs.

The XP-E2 emitters are re-flowed to a high-performance LUXdrive 20mm metal core Indus Star printed circuit board (MCPCB) that is thermally designed to help lower the junction temperature and increase LED output. The 20mm MCPCB is an electrically isolated standard hexagonal shape board (LED Star) with solder pads for easy handling and wiring of each color. If your color mixing application requires collimation, the CREEXPE2-RGB LED is compatible with triple (3-Up) secondary optics from Carclo.


Technical Documentation

Flux Characteristics for Cree XP-E2:
Color CCT Min. CCT Max. Group Min. Flux Order Code
Red 620nm 630nm P2 67.2 XPEBRD-L1-0000-00701
Green 520nm 535nm Q5 107 XPEBGR-L1-0000-00D01
Blue 465nm 485nm K2 23.5 XPEBBL-L1-0000-00Y01

Notes for Table

  • Cree maintains a tolerance of +/- 7% on flux and power measurements.

    Characteristics Unit Min. Typical Max.
    Thermal Resistance, junction to solder point - blue °C/W 9
    Thermal Resistance, junction to solder point - green °C/W 15
    Thermal Resistance, junction to solder point - red °C/W 10
    Viewing Angle (FWHM) - blue, green, red degrees 130
    Temperature coefficient of voltage - blue mV/°C -3.3
    Temperature coefficient of voltage - green mV/°C -3.8
    Temperature coefficient of voltage - red mV/°C -1.8
    ESD Classification (HBM per Mil-Std-883D) Class 2
    DC Forward Current - blue, green mA 1000
    DC Forward Current - red mA 700
    Reverse Voltage V 5
    Forward Voltage (@ 350 mA) - blue V 3.2 3.9
    Forward voltage (@ 350 mA) - green V 3.4 3.9
    Forward voltage (@ 350 mA) - red V 2.1 2.5
    Forward voltage (@ 700 mA) - red V 2.3
    Forward Voltage (@ 1000 mA) - green V 3.8
    Forward Voltage (@ 1000 mA) - blue V 3.5
    LED Junction Temperature °C 150


    Important Information

    Average Lumen Maintenance Characteristics

    Cree now uses standardized IES LM-80-08 and TM-21-11 methods for collecting long-term data and extrapolating LED lumen maintenance. For information on the specific LM-80 data sets available for this LED, refer to the LM-80 results document.

    Please read the Long-Term Lumen Maintenance application note for more details on Cree's lumen maintenance testing and forecasting. Please read the Thermal Management application note for details on how thermal design, ambient temperature, and drive current affect the LED junction temperature.

    Moisture Sensitivity

    In testing, Cree has found XLamp XP-E2 LEDs to have unlimited floor life in conditions ≤ 30 ºC/85% relative humidity(RH). Moisture testing included a 168-hour soak at 85 ºC/85% RH followed by 3 re-flow cycles, with visual and electricalinspections at each stage.

    Cree recommends keeping XLamp LEDs in their sealed moisture-barrier packaging until immediately prior to use. Cree also recommends returning any unused LEDS to the re-sealable moisture-barrier bag and closing the bag immediately after use.

    RoHS Compliance

    The levels of RoHS restricted materials in this product are below the maximum concentration values (also referred to as the threshold limits) permitted for such substances, or are used in an exempted application, in accordance with EU Directive 2011/65/EC (RoHS2), as implemented January 2, 2013. RoHS Declarations for this product can be obtained from your Cree representative or from the Product Documentation sections of www.cree.com.

    UL Recognized Component

    Level 4 enclosure consideration. The LED package or a portion thereof has been investigated as a fire and electrical enclosure per ANSI/UL 8750.

    Vision Advisory Claim

    WARNING: Do not look at exposed lamp in operation. Eye injury can result. For more information about LEDs and eye safety, please refer to the LED Eye Safety application note.


    Full Documentation

    Cree XP-E2 Full DocumentationCree XP-E2


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