Dynamic LED Light Kit

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  • Choose the LED & optic of your choice
  • Assembled into threaded housing!
  • Great for spot and machine lighting

Product Details

Fully Assembled: LED Soldered & Kit Assembled by us! LED Options: 1-Up or 3-Up 20mm LED Star (MCPCB)
Optic Options: 1-Up or 3-Up 20mm Carclo Lens & Holder Wire Connection: 1/8" Diameter Center Hole
Mounting Thread: 1/2" National Pipe Thread (NPT) 2-Piece Connection: Male/Female Threads
Power Dissipation: 3-Watts w/ Passive Air Heat Transfer: Thermal Grease


3-Up Dynamic LED Housing Heat Sink

The Dynamic LED Light Kit includes one of our 20mm LED stars and an LED optic (with optic holder for 1-Up LEDs) encased in our Dynamic LED Housing. This housing is a stand alone heatsink housing (DLH-xUP-EH) on the site, but in this kit we solder connections to the LED, fit the optic on top, and put it all together inside this Dynamic Housing so you're left with a light module with 6-inch wire leads coming out the back to connect to your constant current source.

3-Up Dynamic LED Housing Heat Sink

This Kit Includes:

  • (1) LED of your choice
  • (1) Optic (Spot, Medium, Wide, Oval)
  • (1) Optic Holder (not needed for 3-Up Kits)
  • (1) Dynamic LED Housing



This kit is compatible with any of our 20mm LED Stars. Our full line of Cree and Luxeon 1-Up and 3-Up high power LEDs can be placed in this kit, just take your pick in the 'LED' drop down and then select your color.

The Optic

We use 20mm Carclo optics in these kits. All you need to do is select whether you would like spot, medium, wide or oval light distribution. These optics work great with the 20mm stars, for 1-Up versions we include an optic holder that the optic sits in on top of the LED.


All NEW Assembly

The main difference between the Dynamic kit and the previous Advanced LED Housings is that this housing screws together thanks to the threaded pieces. The previous housing kit had to be epoxied together, therefore becoming a pretty permanent fixture. With this housing it gives you the option of changing out your LED or optic if you ever need to. This is especially handy for long term applications as you can replace your parts when needed. When we assemble the kits we use thermal compound on the threads before we complete the housing, this aids in the thermal transfer therefore protecting your LEDs.

Power (not included)

The Dynamic LED Light Kit is a light module only and not a light engine; meaning this does not include an LED driver. Just like any raw LED, these kits will require an appropriate power source and integrated circuit or LED driver. For selecting the correct LED driver, we have a complete guide on understanding LED drivers here.  Our recommendation for drive current is:  350mA for a 3-Up and 700mA for a 1-Up.

Interested in a kit that provides a power source? Check out the Dynamic LED light engine kits offered in a 5 Watt and 10 Watt options. The light engine heatsink kits are larger than this light kit as they provide extra space in the bottom for your LED driver. They also are able to power more than the recommended 3 Watts of this smaller kit.


The 1/2" NPT thread on the base of these housings can be used for mounting, however we have seen these heat sinks used in a wide variety of applications where the threads weren't used at all. 1/2" NPT accessories can often be found in the electrical and plumbing sections in your local hardware store.


Technical Documentation

Assembled Size
0.99" Diameter, 1.46" Tall
0.99" Diameter, 1.26" Tall
6061-T6 Aluminum
6061-T6 Aluminum
Outside Mounting Thread Size
1/2"-14 NPT
1/2"-14 NPT
Inside Thread Size
1/8"-27 NPS
1/8"-27 NPS


Full Documentation



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