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LED Seal - Silicone Spray Sealant

LED Seal - Silicone Spray Sealant
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OVERVIEW: Waterproof Electronic Component Fast-Dry Spray SIZE: Spray Can Style, 7oz - 198grams
COLOR: Fast-Dry, Dries Clear INCLUDES: Cap and Extra Nozzle



This is a electronic waterproof Fast-Dry Silicone Spray Sealant for LEDs and electrical components. LED Seal prevents corrosion and damage due to moisture. It coats and insulates electronic components, re-insulates cracked or broken electrical insulation and coats all surfaces with a non-permeable elastic finish. LED Seal seals small cracks in rubber, cement, or painted surfaces and can adheres to glass, metal, and vinyl surfaces.


LED Seal Bonds to:

LEDs Rubber
Electrical Connectors/Wires Glass
Vinyl Products Concrete
Most Plastics Metal


Directions & Storage

Clean and dry all surfaces. Remove any grease or oil. Shut-off power supply, make certain spray area is cool. Shake can vigorously, agitating steel ball inside can. Remove cap and hold can 6" to 8" away from surface. Product skins over in about 8 minutes, tack free in 15 minutes, and dries in 30 minutes.

After use hold can upside down and spray for 2-3 seconds to flush out the nozzle. If product is stored after use replace actuator with the spare.


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by
01/22/2014 - 03:26:49 PM
Great Stuff!
I needed to protect my LED circuit from moisture and this stuff did the trick perfectly! I saw a few people on youtube that actually dunked their LED under water after applying LED seal and everything worked as normal. My application isn't quite that extreme, but I feel comfortable that my money was well spent. Anyone else out there looking at this stuff, I highly recommend it. Dries clear, sprays easy, etc.!

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Will this make my LEDs and components weather resistant?

Definitely, this seal not only coats and insulates the components, it protects them from corrosion and damage due to moisture as well. Make sure to put a good amount on to make sure it is fully sealed if you plan on putting this in an area where exposed to water. We can't come out and say it is fully waterproof but check out the customer video showing just how well this stuff works!


I got my LED Seal but when I go to spray it, nothing comes out. What's the deal?

Since this is a silicone based product, the internal valve can get some build up that prevents the spray from coming out. This is why when you first get the LED Seal you should shake extremely well. This should loosen it all up enough to spray without issues.

However, sometimes this still won't work and it is necessary to take the top nozzle off and stick a toothpick or similar object down the internal valve to break the seal.


My LED Seal was working the last time I used it but now nothing is coming out even though I know that it isn't empty.

This is kind of like the other problem. It is a good idea to shake it up before every use but the silicone can still get stuck in the nozzle and clog up. For this reason, we include an extra nozzle with ever can of LED Seal we sell. If you're old nozzle clogs up, just replace it and you should have no issues.


To prevent it from clogging:

After ever use tip can upside down and spray until nothing comes out. This makes sure that no silicone is left in the nozzle so it will not be clogged the next time you go to use it.


Is there more information on LED Seal?

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