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LED Seal: Protecting your LED Investment

LEDs and their components can be used for a variety of applications, and finding the best quality products does come at a higher price than most other lighting applications. That is why it is extremely important to protect your LEDs and circuitry in order to make sure your investment holds up and lasts a long time.

Picking the right LED driver is part of protecting your LEDs as this makes sure you are supplying a steady, appropriate current to your LEDs so that they do not burn out as their temperature increases. With the temperature increase you also need to make sure you have enough LED heat sink that dissipates the heat so that the LED isn’t getting too hot and frying out. But what about protecting from water and outside elements? That’s where our LED Seal comes in handy. This fast-drying silicone spray sealant is perfect for protecting your LEDs from moisture and coating your whole system with a protective layer, adding to the durability and life span. Lets take a look at this product to see how it can help.

This fast-dry professional silicone spray sealant comes in a 7oz spray can. The seal bonds to many surfaces including but not limited to: LEDs, Electrical Connectors/Wires, Vinyl Products, Plastics, Rubbers, Glass, led-accessories-luxdrive-led-seal_fvConcrete and Metal. LED Seal prevents corrosion and damage due to moisture by coating and insulating electronic components with a clear coat that does not effect LED color or light output. The seal can also re-insulate cracked or damaged electrical insulation and coats all surfaces with a non-permeable elastic finish, making it impossible for water and moisture to ruin the circuitry. The seal dries fast and cures at room temperature, drying clear makes sure it does not effect your light or optics.

This LED Seal is mainly used in applications that will be exposed to the outside elements or in areas where the LEDs and components could potentially get wet. I would recommend that you use this whenever you are building outdoor LED components just to be safe. Other applications where this is used a lot is for reef tank lighting, bar lighting, and marine lighting.

This seal can work with any of our products and will provide an extra layer to protect your LED investment. I would recommend you use this seal on LEDs and components that might not have protective enclosures over the circuitry. A good example are our high power LED strips like the LuxStrip and ElaraStrip. These strips have on board circuitry that I would protect even if the lights aren’t going to be directly exposed to water. This will at least provide a safe coating that will protect against water if it does happen to get wet or even just dust and build up that could be harmful to your LEDs. Even coating our LED Housing Kits would be a good idea. These are used a lot in applications where they will be exposed to a lot of different elements so even though they are in a protective aluminum housing it is a good idea to spray the whole fixture to make sure no water sneaks its way in.Untitled Banner (12)

Using the spray is simple, first clean and dry all surfaces that you will be using the spray on. Shake the LED Seal can extremely well, think like double the amount you would for a spray paint can. When all shook and prepped remove the cap and hold can 6” to 8” away from the surface you are spraying. Spray a good even coat on all your LEDs and circuits and let dry. The product masks over in about 8 minutes, stick free in 15 minutes, and is completely dry in about 30 minutes.

LED Seal does have a shelf life of about a year so I would try to use in the first year after purchase, so if you don’t use it all on one application, store it away for next time. A good thing to note is that this is a silicone spray and sometimes the silicone can dry in the nozzle and clog it temporarily. If it is ever clogged try removing the nozzle and sticking a toothpick in the internal nozzle to break the dried seal. A good way to prevent this is to clear the nozzle after every use. This is easily done by holding the can upside down and spraying until nothing comes out, making sure none is left in the nozzle to dry and cause clogging issues. Have no fear, if the silicone does happen to dry and ruin a nozzle we send an extra nozzle with every can of LED Seal we sell, so you’re all covered.

Lastly, as we’ve said plenty this LED Seal is great for protecting your LEDs. If you have any doubts about the product or its water resistance check out this video below. We don’t recommend totally emerging your circuit in water but this is a pretty good testament to how this stuff can work. After spending on a new LED application, why choose not to protect it more with just a $15.99 bottle of LED Seal. This will protect your whole application and extend the life, a pretty small price to pay for LEDs that are already saving you on energy costs. Protect those LEDs, and as always, show us some ways you have used our products or LED Seal in general.

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Marketing and technology enthusiast helping pave the way to a more energy-efficient society. Living in the beautiful state of Vermont and working for a company like LEDSupply that is helping provide LED products to save on energy is a great place to be to accomplish this. Always exploring and staying active outdoors while keeping a close eye on different trends and new technologies that could change the world for the better.


  • Hi. How thermally conductive is LED Seal? Do you need to keep it off of heatsinks as much as possible? Moreover, can it be used to seal components that dissipate significant heat, such as power transistors? Thanks.

    • Hey Ryan,

      I wouldn’t worry about getting this on your heatsinks. I would put on a thinner layer for sure but it should not be a problem. I’m working on getting exact temperature numbers on this to see for the power transistors but I know that we cover our circuitry with it, especially for our strips with built in power components so this should not be a problem. I will get back to you when I get some exact numbers from our engineers hopefully. Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the delay. Best,

      LEDSupply Team

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