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7 Things to Know Before Buying and Installing 12V LED Strip Lights

Flexible LED strip lights are used all over the world in various industrial, commercial and residential projects. LED strip lighting is popular among many Architects and Lighting Designers due to the improvements in efficiency, color options and brightness. The biggest draw is how easy they are to install. Their flexibility, low-profile and helpful accessories make LED flex strips popular for the at home DIY types. With these LED strips, a homeowner can design like a professional with the right supplies and just an hour or two.

There are many options for LED strip lights with no simple ‘one size fits all’ standard to go by. This LED Strip Light Resource Guide will educate newcomers and experts alike on finding the best LED strip lights for the job. Continue reading

Altair Lighting LED Lantern: LED Driver Replacement

Have you had issues with your Altair Lighting LED Lantern from Costco? Many home owners bought this outdoor LED wall light only to experience issues, sometimes only months after purchase! This can be frustrating as it is not as simple as just replacing the bulb, in fact, it is not even the bulb that is the issue.

When a light starts to strobe or blink slowly, it usually points to a power input issue. In this particular light, the constant current LED driver has gone bad. Many owners of the light were left scrambling around trying to fix the issue as there are no Altair Lighting replacement parts. Fortunately, we have a great LED driver replacement and a quick fix solution to get your outdoor LED lantern lit back up in no time! Continue reading

Splitter Cables for LED Strip Lights

Why Would I need an LED Strip Splitter?

LED strip projects typically require multiple runs of strip that need to be connected in a planned circuit so that they are all receiving 12VDC from an AC/DC transformer or 12-volt battery source. They can be run in series (end-to-end) up to their max run length, however, projects often require more and will require parallel strips being run from the power supply.

This is where LED strip splitters come in, allowing you to install and use more light strip reels where you might normally only be able to run a single strip. This allows you to run strips in opposite directions if needed, side by side, or simply help connect parallel lines back to the main power source. Continue reading

Guide to LED Flashlights & MagLite Upgrades

LED flashlights & maglie upgradesPortable lighting like kerosene lanterns, candles and flashlights have long-been a necessity within households. You know why, suddenly out goes the electricity and the first thing we do is blindly start searching for the flashlight. Or maybe you’re working in a dark area and just need some extra light. Whatever the application might be, darkness often demands the need for a mobile light and if you are like me and own a MagLite flashlight, you should consider doing what I did. And, if you aren’t and own another brand of flashlight, don’t worry there is something here for you too! Continue reading

Helping You Light the Way

Helping You Light the Way

LED Kit ThumbnailThe lighting industry is currently in one of the biggest shifts of its time. There’s no coincidence that the 2014 Nobel Prize in physics recently was awarded to three scientists for the invention of the efficient blue LEDs and that 2015 has been coined the International Year of Lighting by the United Nations. The incandescent bulb is now obsolete due to its inefficiency and there are changes on the horizon Continue reading

A Cheap LED lighting Solution – Save $457

You want to save money and like the idea of saving on your energy bill by lighting with LEDs, however you have looked at LED fixtures and been turned-off by their price. You may have seen LED fixtures from places like Lightology and Hubbarton Forge for over $500, that only produce as much light as a 60-watt incandescent. This seems expensive and almost ridiculous when you consider the cost of the LED and LED driver required to produce that amount of light. Continue reading

LED Grow Light Kit

5-Steps to Super Yields with LEDs: Indoor Growing & Grow Light Guide that Actually Tells You How!

LED Grow LightLets see if you have what it takes to grow plants indoors!

Indoor growing is an art, but like most things, when fundamental guidelines are followed, usually good results aren’t too far behind. Lets use cooking as an example, once a chef creates a delicious meal, that meal can be recreated by following a recipe, right? Anyone can follow a recipe, so anyone is capable of growing well if provided Continue reading

LED Christmas Lights

LED Christmas Light Show For Charity

LED Christmas LightsA friend of ours from Connecticut, Michael D. White, turned a Foxwoods Texas Hold ’em cash prize into a fantastic LED synchronized light show during the holiday season! Soon, people started to stop, watch and donate, so began his annual charity.

Every year now his house lights up with LEDs choreographed to nostalgic Christmas tunes – along with his own blend of music tastes! He has three shows a night from Thursday – Sunday; each show lasting 30 minutes.

It’s not all fun and games – this is serious business setting up a light show like this. Here is a recent post of his: Dear ghosting leaks, tripping GFCI’s, bad triacs, excessive amp loads, polarity reversals. I don’t really understand you so go away please. Thank you. Oh BTW, I wouldn’t step in my front yard if I were you. Kiribati I live there and I am a little hesitant of my “not electrocuting myself skills”.

In all seriousness, Mike has created a great DIY LED project and we all thank him!

LEDSupply would like to create a “Christmas Light Show Kit” for our DIY LED Projects, which would include LED Christmas lights with the parts, materials and instructions on how to set-up something similar. Please let us know what you think of the show and or if you have any interest in buying a kit like this.