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Product Details

Features & Applications

Cost effective lighting for a wide variety of applications Outdoor Lighting
No heat, low wattage, vibrant long lasting colors that grab attention Cove Lighting
Plug n Play: Operates on 110VAC Receptacle (household voltage) Contour Lighting
Available Colors:  Warm-White, Cool-White & Blue Accent/Concealed Lighting
Connectable up to maximum length of 150-feet Sign Lighting



LED Rope Lighting is the perfect and most popular LED lighting product we carry for accent lighting - the product is easy to handle, available in custom lengths, colors and can be installed in little time with normal household tools. The omni-directional output of the LEDs make our rope lights great for providing a continuous line of light that helps bring extra attention to your application. This contrasts slightly with our high-power LED strips and LED Flex Strip, which use directional high-brightness LEDs that provide more usable light rather then strictly accent lighting. The continuous light emitted from the rope light can be set in a straight line or used to make spirals and bends, forming to almost any application thinkable. Some of the most common lighting applications for rope lighting are building outlines, store window displays, cove lighting, toe space lighting, museum lighting, architectural details, over cabinet lighting, step lights, bookshelves, deck railings, gazebos, trade show lighting, bars, night clubs, decks, walkways, cabinets, eves and more.

Blue LED Rope LightBlue
Cool-White LED Rope LightCool-White
Warm-White LED Rope LightWarm-White


We offer single colors: Warm-White (2700K), Cool-White (6000K) and Blue.  


The maximum run for our LED Rope Light is 150-feet, which can be made up of one piece or several different lengths pieces.  We offer custom lengths of: 3-feet, 9-feet, 15-feet, 30-feet, 75-feet, 105-feet and 150-feet.  However, we realize that all applications have different lengths which is why the strips are actually cuttable every meter.

End-to-End Connections

Warm-White LED Rope LightEnd-to-End Connection

Multiple strips can be connected to each other or extensions can be connected between strips where light isn't needed. A standard strip includes the power-cord on one end and an end-cap at the other. A connection kit needs to be added to the end of the first strip. The power-cord can be easily disconnected from a second strip by simply unscrewing it and it will then connect to the first strip; its as easy as threading the male and female connectors together making one continuous strip (note: do not exceed maximum run lengths stated above and below in the technical and electrical characteristics).


Cool-White LED Rope LightBefore
Application Photo
Warm-White LED Rope LightAfter
Application Photo

The tight 1-inch spacing of LEDs provides a great glow of linear accent light.  The cool-white color temperature (6000K) provides 6.3 lumens per foot and the warm-white (2700K) gives off 5.5 lumens per foot. Again, the tight spacing is the perfect balance for the lumen output - drawing attention, while not being too overpowering. To the right is a before and after application photo that shows the type of lighting effect LED rope lighting can provide.


Dimmable with most CFL/LED and low voltage electronic dimmers.


LED Rope Lighting 4-Foot Track4-Foot Track
LED Rope Light Mounting ClipMounting Clips
Included 1/foot

With each meter of Rope Light comes a plastic clip with two screws (See image on right). In addition to mounting with clips we also offer a 4-foot long UV protected straight track, which we do recommend for long linear applications. The track makes installation faster, easier and provides more attractive lighting.



Technical Documentation

MODEL No. LS-ROPE-XX-XXX (XX= color, XXX= length)
COLOR OPTIONS Cool-White WH (6000K), Warm-White WW (2700K), Blue
WATTAGE 0.77 per Foot
LIGHT OUTPUT Cool-White (6.3 lm/ft), Warm-White (5.5 lm/ft)
LED SPECS 60,000 hour rated life for White, 100,000 for colors
CURRENT 15-20mA per LED



LED Rope Lighting Documentation


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