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Power Supply Category ImageSwitching power supplies convert AC 120V line voltage to a low DC constant voltage output; matching the input voltage specifications of LED drivers. The style and form factor of these power supplies can range from a wall-wart type, to a desktop style power supply (normally seen powering laptop computers); also available are enclosed or caged style supplies and hard-wire supplies that can fit in junction boxes and be connected directly with household AC wiring. More information is below, but the units we carry are high-quality from top manufacturers like: Mean Well, MagTech, Magnitude & Phihong.

Hardwire Style
Wire right in-line with LED sources
Enclosed/Caged Style
Open-Air Caged Supply with Multiple Outputs
Plug-In Syle
Desktop & Wall Mounted Plastic Case Supplies
Dimmable Power Supplies
Hardwired Supplies w/ Household Dimming
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Mean Well APV Series 8~35W Constant Voltage LED Power Supply
90~264VAC input, 8~35W rectangular plastic case style switching power supply with constant voltage output from Mean Well.
Product ID : APV-X-X
Mean Well GST Series Desktop Adaptor Power Supply
90~264VAC input, 18~90W desktop style switching power supply with constant voltage output from Mean Well.
Product ID : GST
Mean Well HLG Series CV+CC Power Supply
Metal case AC/DC LED power supply with constant voltage and constant current output mode, ranging in power from 40W up to 600W with several different output voltage variations and dimming options.
Product ID : HLG-xH-xx
Mean Well LPV Series Constant Voltage LED Power Supply
90~264VAC input, 18~100W slim plastic case style switching power supply with constant voltage output from Mean Well.
Product ID : LPV-X-X
Mean Well LRS Series Enclosed Style Switching Power Supply
85 ~ 264VAC input, 35~350W enclosed style switching power supply with constant voltage output from Mean Well.
Product ID : LRS
Mean Well ODLV Series 45 Watt CV Power Supply with PWM Output
The ODLV-45A series from Mean Well is a 45 Watt Constant Voltage Power Supply with built-in Auxiliary Output. The PWM style output offers 2-in-1 dimming capability which works great for LED Strip lighting.
Product ID : ODLV-45A-X
Mean Well PWM Series Constant Voltage PWM Mode Power Supply
The PWM series from Mean Well is a dimming power-supply suitable for LED Strip Lighting. Available from 40W to 120W with universal AC input and 3 in 1 dimming options.
Product ID : PWM-X-X



Finding the Right Power Supply

LED Power Supply Questions and AnswersWhether you are building our own LED fixture, fixing and retrofitting existing fixtures, or purchasing new LED lights, you will need to find the correct power source for your LEDs. Make sure you have the correct voltage and wattage you need to light your place with this helpful Guide.


Constant Current or Constant Voltage?

Confused by the difference between power supplies and LED drivers? They differ in the type of power they offer, which is crucial to consider when looking to light up your LEDs. We quickly explain the difference between CC and CV in this article on our BLOG. Still unsure of what Power Source is right for you? Take a look at the Quick Selection Guide which explains the many variations and styles of Mean Well LED power supplies.


Questions on Powering LED Strips

Using flexible 12V strip lights? This guide will take you through how to select the power supply for your strips and show the different styles we offer. Do you want it hardwired? Do you need dimming? We have answers to all your questions regarding powering LED strips lights.


Dimmable LED Power Supplies

Do you have a common residential dimming system already in your home? Lutron and Leviton dimming systems are amazing, but sometimes have trouble working with certain types of 12V LED lights. Luckily with these unique power supplies it is possible to dim LEDs without any flicker or inconsistencies.


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