Purple (UV) 3AA Battery Operated LED Strip Kit

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  • UV & Blacklight Kit (395-405nm)
  • Plug & Play - Requires 3 AA batteries
  • Lengths: 20" - 16.4 Ft.

Product Details

Plug & Play: No tools or wiring needed! Color: Ultraviolet (UV) 395-405nm
Kit Includes: (1) UV Strip @ size of your choosing & (1) 3 AA Battery Pack Lengths: 20-inches, 3 ft., 6 ft., 9 ft., 12 ft. & 16.4 ft.
Easy Installation: Adhesive backing for easy setup Water Resistant: IP65 Rated
Cuttable: Can be cut after each LED (ever 3/4") # of LEDs: High Density - 60 LEDs/M
Power: 4.5V - 3AA Battery Pack (batteries not included) Connection: 2.1mm Male to Female Plug
Strip Size: Super slim - 10mm (W) X 3mm (H) Battery Pack Size: 2.75" (L) x 2" (W) x 0.75" (H)


Have you ever needed a small black light or Ultraviolet (UV) light? If so, this may be just the LED kit for you. 


This UV LED strip kit features Ultraviolet LEDs mounted on a flexible strip that are powered by the included 3 AA Battery holder. The UV LEDs have a wavelength of 395~405nm so they qualify as black light LED Strips! The strip holds 60 LEDs per meter that give off a soft bluish-violet glow. This kit works perfectly as a portable UV LED light or for using as a black light to make decorations glow.

UV LED and Black Light Applications

This battery operated UV LED strip has plenty of uses: night fishing, paper money testing, inducing insects, promoting plant growth and using in aquariums.

In addition to the helpful applications above, the lights can simply be used for decorative purposes. They are great for DJ booths, Glow in the Dark activities, UV art, Fluorescent body paint, Black light art and there are plenty of uses for Halloween decorations/costumes!

Easy Installation

The UV LED strip is a plug and play system so there is no need for any other products or wiring. The UV strip has a female 2.1mm barrel plug which pairs with the male 2.1mm plug that is on the battery pack.

The strips themselves are very flexible and can easily contour around curves. They produce no heat so are safe to use in tight spaces or on wearables. Additionally the adhesive peel-and-stick backing make it possible for these lights to be used almost anywhere. The kit is perfect for anyone looking for a quick and easy UV or black light LED system.

Cut to Size

The UV LED strip comes in the standard 20-inch length but is also offered in 3, 6, 9, 12 and 16.4 foot lengths for those applications that require more light!

Need a different size? The LED strips are easily customized as they can be cut after each LED, at the cut marks along the strip (every ¾”). The strips can also be reconnected after being cut, just use LED strip connectors.

Battery Pack

The battery pack holds 3 AA batteries that will power the LED strip. When the batteries run out, just switch them out and you are ready to go again. The strip turns on via a slider switch on the front of the battery kit. Batteries are not included in the purchase of this kit. 

Battery Pack Dimensions: 2.75” (L) x 2” (W) x 0.75” (H) 

Battery pack weight (filled with batteries): 3.5 oz

Installation - 4 Simple Steps

1. Fill battery holder with 3 AA batteries
2. Peel adhesive backing off strips
3. Mount to clean surface (wherever needed)
4. Switch on and enjoy!

Technical Documentation

LEDs 5050 SMD LEDs
Wavelength (nm) 395-405nm
Size Super Slim - 10mm (W) x 3mm (H)
Rated Voltage 4.5-5V
Water Resistance IP65 Rated
Pigtail Lengths Strip: 6 inches / Battery Pack: 6 inches (1 foot total)


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