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Jumper Cables for 12V LED Strip Light

Jumper Cables for 12V LED Strip Light
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RGB LENGTHS: 30CM, 50CM, 1M, 2M, 3M, 5M & 10M RGB CONNECTION: (4) Pin Male/Female



Single Color:

The Single Color Jumping Cables are perfect for low voltage lighting applications like LED strip lights. They utilize the common DC 5.5 x 2.1mm connectors for a simple plug and play installation. The cables feature a female to male connection that can simply plug and play in between your power adapter and LED strip lights. The extensions are great for extending the start of an LED strip project. In many applications it is desirable to have the power supply hidden and tucked away somewhere, usually space is an issue as then the power supply cord will not reach to the start of the LED strips. With these extenders it cuts out that issue as they can connect to a hidden supply and run over to where the LED lights are needed. Lengths: 1M (3.28 ft.), 2M (6.56 ft.) and 3M (9.84 ft.)


The 4-pin LED Strip Jumpers are great for connecting multiple lengths of RGB LED flex Strips (10mm). The jumpers are a 4-pin female to male connection which works perfectly with the 4-pin male connectors at the start of each RGB strip. These jumpers work with both the IP20 and IP65 LED Flex strips at LEDSupply.

The RGB LED strip jumpers are perfect for connecting two strips together between a gap in the application. They also work great when using Y-Splitters to work as an extension to go wherever the next RGB strip is needed. Keep in mind that these can only work with a 4-pin connector and cannot attach straight to an LED strip that has been cut, for that type of connection check out the EZ Click Strip connectors.

The RGB Jumpers are available in the following lengths: 30cm (11.8 in.), 50cm (19.68 in.), 1M (3.28 ft.), 2M (6.56 ft.), 3M (9.84 ft.), 5M (16.4 ft.) and 10M (32.8 ft.)

LEDSupply purchase includes: 1 RGB strip connector (female to female) and 1 4-pin Male connector

How to Connect to LED Strips: At the end of each reel of RGB strips is a female 4-pin connector, use the 4-pin male connector (included with jumper) to plug into this end. The RGB strip jumper will now plug directly into the end of this and extend to next RGB strip. The start of each RGB strip already has a 4-pin male connector so plugging into the second strip is seemless. Please make sure that the arrows on both the strip connectors and the jumper connectors are lined up as shown.


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It was a particular need for a very small light source which led me to LED Supply. I am a photographer creating large images from very small objects. My current subject has been seashells...
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