RGB AC Plug-in LED Strip Lights

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  • Plug & Play RGB Strips
  • Up to 150 feet of color-changing lights
  • Over 20 colors & 5 dynamic modes!

Product Details

INPUT POWER: AC 110 line voltage (No Driver Required, in-line DC rectifier / RGB controller) MOUNTING Clips included
RGB CONTROL: In line with power cord - IR remote control included COLOR CHANGING: 20 different colors and 5 dynamic light modes
MAX RUN: Continuous length up to 150' CUSTOM LENGTHS: Cuttable every meter
WATERPROOF: IP65 flexible clear PVC housing & UV inhibitor WATTAGE: 2.4 - 3 Watts per foot
INCLUDED: Power cord with RGB receiver, RGB remote controller, mounting clips (1/3ft) ACCESSORIES: 6" Jumper cables & Mounting Track


Plug and Play LED Strip Guide

The top selling AC Plug-in LED Strip lights are now available in color-changing RGB. This strip has become a top seller at LEDSupply due to the user friendliness and how easy it is to run long lengths of LED strip lights. This strip comes with a power cord attached, the power connection features an in-line DC rectifier and RGB Controller unit. This cuts out the need for any extra bulky power supplies and lets you plug directly into a common household receptacle in order to turn on – simple plug and play lighting.

This strip was once limited to single colors but we are proud to finally announce the RGB Color-Changing option. The strip is available in 9 different lengths from short to extremely long lengths and can be cut every meter. Customers looking for a quick and simple RGB lighting solution should take a serious look at the RGB Plug-in LED Strip, especially if you are looking to run over 30ft in length. (12 to 24V RGB strips are usually limited to shorter continuous lengths whereas these can go up to 150 FEET!)

Each strip length ordered will come with:

  • Selected length of LED Strip
  • Connected Power Cord with RGB Receiver
  • RGB IR Remote Control
  • Mounting Clips w/ hardware

The strip itself is encased in a rugged but flexible clear PVC Lens. The lens is protected by a UV inhibitor so they will not wear from being out in the direct sun. The strip is weatherproof and very sleek at only 15mm wide and 7.5mm tall.

RGB Color Options

The RGB Controller lets you select between 20 vibrant colors. Keep it on a single color or choose between 5 dynamic modes that allow the strip to go in different sequences between colors.


The custom length options for each color are: 3-feet, 6-feet, 12-feet, 18-feet, 30-feet, 45-feet, 75-feet, 100-feet and a full roll is 150-feet (see table for exact lengths). You may string multiple lengths together but you cannot run more than 150 feet of the lights! 


The strip houses 18 LEDs/FT. The RGB 5050 SMD LEDs are spaced 0.65" apart, providing bright, steady light from end to end. The strip works great for accent / ambient lighting for: ceiling coves, restaurants, bars, retail displays and entertainment or gaming system setups.

RGB Controller & Dimmer

The RGB receiver unit is conveniently placed right along the power cord. Within this receiver is where the power is switched to DC and each color receives their commands, allowing for color mixing. The receiver and controller communicate over line-of-sight IR so it is important the infrared wire coming off the receiver remains in an accessible location.

The controller has the ability to change color, set dynamic modes with speed control. The controller also acts as a common dimmer to dim the lights themselves up and down from 0-100%.


We include clips with your strip order for help in mounting. Included with each length of strip will be enough clips for one every 3ft. (See image on right). We recognize that 1 clip for a standalone 3ft. section is not enough so with a 3ft. piece there will be 2 clips included.

AC 5050 LED Strip ClipsMounting Clips
Included 1/m

In addition to mounting with clips we also offer a 3-foot long UV protected straight track, which we do recommend for long linear applications. The track makes installation faster, easier and provides more attractive lighting. If you order the track, the clips do not fit around the track itself and therefore we will not send you the clips with your order. Please use flat head screws or 3M double-side adhesive to mount the track itself.

Technical & Electrical Characteristics

MODEL No. LS-AC50-RGB-xx (XX = length)
LEDs 5050 Type, 30,000 Hour Rated Life, 20 LEDs/foot, Spaced 0.65"
COLOR(S) RGB - Color Changing
LENGTH & WATTAGE 2.4 - 3 Watts/Foot 
VOLTAGE 110-130V, 60Hz AC Operation (1.6A Inverter on Cord from AC to DC for LEDs)
DIMMABLE Dimmable with included remote control
WATERPROOF Yes - for indoor or outdoor use
BEAM ANGLE 120° Beam Angle
MOUNTING Clear Plastic Mounting Clips (1 per 3ft included) - Plastic Track (3-Feet)
JUMPING 6-Inch Jumpers
DIMENSIONS .59" (W) x .29" (H)

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