QuadPuck - 4 Channel DMX Constant Current Controller

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  • On-Board selectable DMX addressing
  • One to four control channel capability
  • Interchangeable BuckPuck Drivers

Product Details

On-Board selectable DMX addressing DMX transmission error indicators
One to four control channel capability Loop-through for DMX & power
Interchangeable BuckPuck capability Selectable POST tests (Power-On-Self-Test)
Channel activity indicators (LED) Optional terminal blocks for power & outputs
USITT DMX/512/1990 Compatible Small size (4? x 2.5? x 1?)
Simple RJ45 connections for DMX & power Powering & controlling High-Power LED arrays


The LuxDrive 4016 series QuadPuck DMX driver interface offers the ultimate in flexibility and compatibility for controlling high-brightness LEDs. Up to (4) BuckPuck LED power modules can be individually controlled using a standard USITT DMX/512/1990 controller, providing a simple, low cost solution for powering and controlling LEDs, all in one compact unit.

The QuadPuck DMX Driver Interface is available with a number of options and features, providing even greater flexibility, and is small enough to be easily incorporated in LED lighting units, placed in wall-mount boxes, or in remotely located units.

Technical Documentation

Electrical Specifications:
Input Voltage 8-32 VDC
Input Current (control section) 20-30 mA
Input Current (power section) Up to 4.5A
Output Current (per ch.) . 140-1100mA
Max. LED Count (total) 72 1-Watt LEDs
Dimmer Type PWM
Dimmer Steps 256
PWM Frequency 600Hz
PWM Jitter 100ns
PWM Step Size 6.4µs
Data Termination 110 , Jumper Selectable
Mechanical Specifications:
Size 4.0"x2.5"x0.675"
Mounting (4) 0.156"dia holes
Weight 3.0oz (86gm)
DMX512 RS-485@250kbps
Input Voltage 8-32 VDC
Input Current (Power) Up to 4.5A
Output Current (per CH.) 140-1100 mA
LED Count (Max.) 72 Luxeon I LEDs
Communication DMX512 RS-485@250kbps

Important Information

Configuration: The QuadPuck is configured with three BCD switches. Switches should only be changed with the power off, except in the case of the two test modes 90x and 99x where SW1 can be changed with power applied. Configuration parameters are loaded into memory only at power-on. Each time a configuration parameter is changed and power is re-applied, the error and power lights flash quickly three times to signify that the new parameters have been permanently stored within the device. Invalid switch settings cause the error indicator to flash twice slowly and then the device uses the internally stored last-used parameters. The factory device defaults are set to DMX address 1 (one), fade rate 3 (three) and no Power-On Self Test (POST).

Note: The above are product highlights and not the complete manufacturers datasheet. Please view the .pdf for complete specifications.

Full Documentation

Full Documentation


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