Tunable White LED Flex Strip

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  • Adjustable white color temperature
  • DC Power - 24V
  • Smooth output, no spots!

Product Details

Adjustable Color Temperature (CCT): 2700K Warm White to 6500K Cool White LED Density: 608 LEDs / M
Lumen Output: 1080-1248 Lm/M Input Power: 24VDC
Wattage: 12.5 Watts/M (see wattage table below) Mounting: Doubled-Sided 3M Tape, or Clips
Cuttable: Every 1.04" Custom Lengths: Sold in 3-Foot Increments up to 5M (16.4ft)
Dynamic Tunable Lighting: Control with tunable white controller (sold separately) 3-Wire Connection: Common (+), CW and WW


LED Strip Light GuideTunable white LED strip lights are a top choice for interior lighting. This dynamic white LED strip gives you vibrant white options from 2700K warm white to 6500K cool white. Adjust color temperature and brightness at the tip of your finger when pairing with our tunable white controller. The strip uses a combination of white flip-chip LEDs that give off a smooth stream of light that easily transitions between cool, neutral and warm white.

Tunable COB LED Strip Light

The Tunable White Strip light is part of our COB Strip Series. COB Strip lights create a seamless light output from start to finish. Flip chip LEDs are used to eliminate visible LED dots (hot spots) along the length of the strip. The chip-on-board technology not only improves light quality, but also improves thermal management and flexibility of the strip. The smaller LEDs can be packed tighter and weigh much less than the bulkier 5050 LEDs, creating a strip that can work around your applications needs. The spotless output make the COB Strip Series ideal for narrow applications like display cases and backlighting, or where reflective surfaces such as granite and tile are used.

High Output, Tunable White

The Tunable White COB Flex Strips hold 608 LEDs per Meter on a 10mm wide flexible pcb. The strips are capable of outputting 1080-1248 Lumens/M of smooth continuous light emitting at 180 degrees. The wide viewing angle and continuous stream of light makes this a serious upgrade from the flexible strip lights you are used to.

Tunable White Technology

By using alternating LED chips of different color temperatures, this strip combined with a tunable white controller can smoothly change the color temperature of the strip to anywhere within the 2700K-6500K range.

The power to change color temperature (CCT) of your strip lets you easily change the ambience of your space in seconds. A cooler white may be needed when you are needing light for a certain task, whereas warm white will be much more suitable when winding down for the evening. The choice is yours with tunable white LEDs!

Custom Lengths

Unlike most suppliers, we offer LED strip lights in smaller 3-foot increments up to 16.4 feet long (1 Reel = 5M). Some applications might need a shorter section of strips which is why the LED strips can be cut. You can cut the strip along the cut marks which feature a thin black line running over solder pads every 1.04 inches. Max Run Length = 2 full reels - 32.8ft.

End-to-End Connections

When there is a break in your application you can still run one strip to another using 20-24 gauge wire. TAKE NOTE: COB LED Strips maximum run length is 32.8 feet (2 reels). After the maximum run length the voltage drop becomes too great and you will lose light and efficiency from your system. If your application needs more than the maximum run length you will have to get another power supply or run wire from the extra strip directly back to the first power supply (wiring in parallel).


The strips need 24VDC input. This requires either a battery or 24V Power Supply. The strips run at roughly 12.5 Watts/M. Please make sure you have enough wattage when running your specified length.

Detailed Wattage Table for 24V Tunable White LED Strips
Feet (Ft) Meters (M) COB Strip Wattage (W)
1 0.3048 5.1
2 0.6096 8.7
3 0.9144 12.5
6 1.8288 22.6
9 2.7432 30.7
12 3.6576 36.8
16.4 (Full Roll) 5 (Full Roll) 42.3

Need Help with LED Strips?

Guide to LED Strip Lights

DIY Tutorial: Accent Lighting with LED Flex Strips

DIY Tutorial: Setting Up Color Changing LED Strips


Technical Documentation

Kelvin (K), Wavelength (nm)
Beam Angle
Luminous Flux
Input Voltage
Adjustable White
2700K - 6500K


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