EZ Click-Tight LED Strip Connector

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  • The easiest LED strip connections!
  • Click tight design clamps over strip!
  • Works with 20-22 Gauge Stranded Wire

Product Details

No Soldering: hassle-free Hippo clip design 2-Pin & 4-Pin: Available for single color as well as RGB Strip lights
Two Connection Types: Strip-to-Strip & Strip-to-Wire Waterproof & Non-Waterproof Designs!
Compatible LED Strips: 10mm Wide, 2-pin or 4-pin Compatible Wire Size: 22 AWG works best!


12V LED Strip Light Guide

The NEW EZ Clip connector is here! No more soldering or peeling back the silicone on the waterproof strips, these LED strip light connectors are hassle free and help you connect strips together with ease.

The Best LED Strip light connector around!

These connectors are super simple to use! Whether you need to make an end-to-and connection or need to add a gap between strips with wires, this connector has you covered. First off there are both connectors for single color and RGB tape light; Single colors have a two pin connection whereas RGB strips have four. There are 2 and 4 pin versions of the following LED strip connectors:

Strip-to-Strip: Easily connect a strip into either end for a gapless connection

Strip-to-Wire: Strip connector clips onto the end of the strip but on opposite end you can connect wires for going back to the power source or adding a gap to your application.

How to connect to LED Strips

On the strip side there will be 2-4 sharp teeth sticking straight up where you need to slide the strip in. Make sure to lift up the clear plastic tab and slide the strip in as far as you can, making sure it is on top of these teeth. Once it is in as far as possible, click the tab down. The teeth should pierce up through the bottom of the strip and through the copper pads, making for a solid connection. No need to peel off silicone on waterproof strips! Makes connection with silicone still in place.

How to connect to Wire

Clipping wires into the connector is as easy as sliding wires in the grooves at the bottom of the wire side connector. Make sure the wire is in as far as it can go and clip the clear plastic tab down. The connectors are built to put pressure on the strips and wires so sometimes they are hard to click down. We suggest using flat nose pliers in order to lightly click the tabs down in order to make a secure and safe connection.

NOTE: We recommend between 18-22AWG wire.  24AWG wire is too thin for the clips to make a solid connection. 22 AWG will work best with these EZ clips, but 18AWG will work, the tab will just need more force to clip tight.

Example Photos

LED Strip Connector Example Photo 1LED Strip Connector Example Photo 2LED Strip Connector Example Photo 3LED Strip Connector Example Photo 4LED Strip Connector Example Photo 5LED Strip Connector Example Photo 6


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