Dynamic Tunable White LED Strip Light - 24V High-Output Adjustable CCT LED Series

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  • 12" Tunable White LED Strip - 2700-6500K
  • Connect up to 20 in a row!
  • Premium architectural LED strip lights

Product Details

NO Driver Required! 24Vdc Constant Voltage Input 3-Step Nichia 757 LEDs: 24 Nichia 2-in-1 tunable diodes per strip
Easily Connectable: Daisy chain up to 20ft! Wattage: 5.8W/ft typical @ 24V input
High Brightness: 690-700 Lumens! High Efficacy: Over 120 Lumens/Watt
Board Size: 12-inch Long - 1-Inch Wide  Poke-Home Connectors: Easily connect with 20-22 AWG Stranded Wire
Adjustable CCT Range: 2700K Warm White ~ 6500K Cool White  Control Type: (2) 0-10V inputs for fully adjustable CCT and dimming capability


Color Temperature Adjustable Strip Light

The LUXdrive™ K021 Dynamic White LED Strip is a 24VDC tunable white light engine. The rigid foot long PCB holds 24 tunable 2-in-1 Nichia 757 LEDs which delivers up to 700 Lumens. Two 0-10V inputs allow for (1) CCT adjustment from 2700K to 6500K and (2) 1-100% dimming capability. The foot long strips can be daisy-chained together with integrated poke-home connectors to form up to 20ft. of linear lighting.

The K021 Dynamic Strip light is a highly capable light engine for premium architectural design. The ease of use, on-board drivers and fantastic thermal control allows the light strip to serve a wide variety of needs and applications where the versatility of tunable white lighting is required.

Gain Full Control with Tunable Color Temperature (CCT)

The 2-in-1 Nichia 757 LEDs hold two diodes inside their standard 3mmx3mm 757 package. By varying their relative current, the diodes can set the output white color temperature anywhere between 2700K and 6500K. The fact that this strip houses 2-in-1 LEDs rather than alternating cool and warm white LEDs makes it stand out among the competition. This allows for the strip to accomplish color tuning in tight spaces with superior color uniformity and color quality, up to 90 CRI.

High Efficacy LED Light Strip

At 24V input, a 12” strip will run at roughly 5.8 Watts. At this wattage the strip will output 700 Lumens, that’s 120 Lumens/Watt!! This high brightness strip offers the highest Lumens/Watt out of the complete line of LEDSupply strip lights. Make sure to check the electrical specifications below to see the complete Wattage breakdown.

Linear Strip Design - Connect up to 20 Strips together!

This rigid PCB is 12” long and .95” wide. For easy wiring, there are poke-to-home connectors that work with 20-22 AWG stranded wire. This allows for easy connection to power or daisy-chaining together (up to 20 strips max).

Color Tuning and Dimming Controls

The Dynamic White Strip light is designed with two 0-10V inputs. Use two separate controls; one for dimming 1-100% and one for tuning the white to your needs.

This Dual Channel 0-10V dimmer was designed specifically for use with this tunable white strip. The two channels allow you to use one for dimming and one for tuning the white color temperature to your preference. See below for a wiring diagram to easily use the dimmer and strip combo to create professional tunable lighting.

Heatsink Concerns

The K021 has fantastic thermal management and can be run without a heatsink in most situations. If there is already a higher ambient temperature in the light's environment, we would advise heatsinking and/or other thermal management practices such as fans.


Each 12" strip is super lightweight at .90 oz (28g) and can be easily mounted with 3M Thermal Transfer Tape

The Dynamic Strip can be enclosed in an Aluminum Channel for a more professional design, this works great for undercabinet lighting as well as recessed options. For added protection we recommend spraying the strips with protective electronic spray like LED Seal.

General Product Information
Shape Rectangle
LED Count 24
Field Cut No
Lumens 690-700
Beam Angle 120°
CCT 2700K to 6500K
CRI 80 absolute minimum

Technical Documentation

Electrical Characteristics (TJ= 25° C @ 60mA)

Electrical Info Performance @ 60mA
Min. Typ. Max.
Input Voltage 19VDC 24VDC 28VDC
Wattage 4.6 W 5.8 W 6.7 W
Efficacy 157 lm/W 125 lm/W 105 lm/W

Product Specifications

Dimming Range 1-100%
Color Temperature 0-10VDC
Brightness 0-10VDC
Operating Temp -20 to 80°C
Storage Temp -40 to 125°C
Connection Poke-Home 18-22AWG (Max Conductor diameter = 1.2mm)
Mounting Double Sided Adhesive
Dimension 12 x 0.95 x 0.26 in (304.8 x 24.13 x 6.6mm)
Weight 0.90oz (28g)
Compliance RoHS
Warranty 1 Year

Full Documentation


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