Dual Channel 0-10V Wall Mount Dimmer

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  • Two 0-10V controls in one!
  • Ideal for tunable white lighting
  • Mounting plate & hardware included

Product Details

Dual 0-10V Current Sinking Dimmer Ideal dimmer for LuxDrive's Dynamic White Strip
3 Wire Installation: Two dim lines and a common ground for easy install Wall mounting face plate included!
Safety Features: Logarithmic response & reverse polarity protection Max Operating Current: 25mA per channel
Easy Installation! Hardware included: Wire nuts & mounting screws


0-10V Dimmer hardware

LUXdrive's Dual 0-10 volt low-voltage dimming control is made with two separate 0-10V control lines. This is a perfect solution for use with tunable white LED lighting products such as the LuxDrive Dynamic White Strip Light. The two-way dimmer is also a great solution for use with multiple lights as you can have two separate channels that dim independently of each other. This dimmer was designed to work with LuxDrive drivers but is compatible with any light or driver with 0-10V current sinking control. Safety features include fast logarithmic response and reverse polarity protection.


What is included in the box?

  • Dual Dimming Control
  • Face Plate for wall mounting
  • Mounting Hardware
  • (6) Wire Nuts


LUXdrive Compatibility

The dual channel low voltage dimmer was designed to work with their Dynamic LED Strip Light that has fantastic light output and can be adjusted from 2700K-6500K with this dimmer. The dimmer will work with LuxDrive drivers that have a single 0-10V input as well to dim them from 0-100%:

Low Voltage Drivers

A009 BuckBlock & A011 FlexBlock

3021/3023 BuckPuck & 4015 BoostPuck

High Power LED Strips

7011 Elara Strip, 9008 LuxStrip II & A006 LuxStrip II



See the data sheet below for specific wiring instructions with the K021Dynamic White Strip Light. Please make sure not to plug this directly into your input power, this is to be used with 0-10V compatible lights or drivers which will have separate dimming lines. The wires should be used in the following manner:

    • Yellow: Channel 1 Dimming Reference Line
    • Purple: Channel 2 Dimming Reference Line
    • Pink: Common Ground Wire

What if the drivers have a 3rd wire?

Current sourcing drivers have a 3rd line that is the reference voltage line. In these setups the wire is usually yellow and you will be wondering what to do since there are only two wires coming off the dimmer. All you need to do is attach this extra wire and the wire from the driver to the reference wire on the dimmer.

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