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  • Our Brightest LED Strip @ 870 Lm/Foot!
  • Modular Design: cuts into 3" segments
  • Daisy chain strips together up to 8'!

Product Details

NO Driver Required! 12Vdc Constant Voltage Input Mid-Power LEDs: High-Performance Nichia 757 Diode
1-Foot Modular Design: Cuttable/Sold in 3" Sections up to 1ft! Wattage: 8W/ft
No Heat Sink Required: Typical Drive current of 40mA Efficacy: Over 100 Lumens/Watt
Board Size: 1-Inch Wide  Super Bright: Over 870 Lumens/ft
Color Temperatures: 2700K ~ 6500K & Horticulture  Colors: Red, Green, Blue & Yellow


Cut LED strips to size

The LUXdrive™ L045 DUO linear LED array is a 12V LED strip with high performance boasting over 100 Lumens per Watt! The LED strip uses the newest technology in mid-power LEDs by housing 48 Nicha 757 diodes on a 12” rigid strip, resulting in a high brightness linear LED array. The LED strip light features a modular design that can actually be cut down into multiples of 3” units, allowing for more custom design for the user.

The DuoStrip requires only a 12VDC constant voltage to run as there are drivers already on board to keep the LEDs running safe and at the highest brightness/efficiency. The DUO works with PWM dimming and has reverse polarity protection!

High Efficacy LED Light Strip

At 12V input, a 12” strip will run at roughly 7.68 Watts. At this wattage the strip will output 870 Lumens, that’s 113 Lumens/Watt!! This high brightness strip offers the highest Lumens/Watt out of the complete line of LEDSupply strip lights. See the electrical specifications below to see the complete Wattage breakdown.

Strips CCT, Colors and Horticulture Options

The DUO LED strip is offered in a full Color temperature (CCT) range from 2700K-6500K. Need color? We have that too: offered in Red, Yellow, Green & Blue.

The DUO also comes in a Horticulture option in both 3000K and 5000K output. The Horticulture Strips feature the Nichia 757 LEDs with a wide output spectrum, perfect for grow applications.

Modular Design

This LED strip comes in a 12” long piece that is .95” wide and sits at an extremely discrete .115” tall. The strip can be cut/cleaved into smaller standalone sections. This allows the user to create multiple light engines from the original 12” strip. The strip can be cut in multiples of 3” allowing for 9”, 6” or 3” strips. 

Be careful when cutting the printed circuit board (PCB). A rugged pair of scissors, paper cutter or large wire cutters usually works best. The board has a dotted line at each cuttable area, be sure to cut on this line, cutting anywhere else will result in a useless scrap piece!

Connecting LED Strips together

The DUO is designed so that the user can connect multiple LED strips together. The number of LED strips daisy chained together should not exceed 8 full boards. In other words, the maximum LED strip length to run in series is 8 feet.


There are 8 mounting holes on the 12” LED Strip, 2 per 3” section located 1” from each cutline. A 4-40 machine screw should be used when utilizing the mounting holes. The washer should not exceed .3” in diameter, the use of larger washers could cause the board to short circuit.

Heatsink Concerns

The DuoStrip can be run with no thermal management on models that are less than 40mA (12V input). For models with a higher current (Custom Request - Contact us), a heat sink is required for the linear light engine. Be sure to use thermal adhesive or grease in between the strip and heat sink.  

The DUO can be enclosed in an Aluminum Channel for a more professional design, this works great for undercabinet lighting as well as recessed options. For added protection we recommend spraying the strips with protective electronic spray like LED Seal.

Technical Documentation

Product Selection (TJ= 25° C @ 40mA)

Color LEDSupply
Part Number
Part Number
Performance @ 40mA
Typical Forward Voltage
Luminous Flux
Board Dimensions
Inches (LxWxH)
Min. Typ. Max.
2700K L045-N75827-SO NFSL757G-27 20 24 30 850 12 X 0.95 X 0.115
3000K L045-N75830-SO NFSL757G-30 20 24 30 850 12 X 0.95 X 0.115
3000K GROW L045-N75H30-SO NFSL757GT-Rsp0a 20 24 30 850 12 X 0.95 X 0.115
3500K L045-N75835-SO NFSL757D-35 20 24 30 860 12 X 0.95 X 0.115
4000K L045-N75840-SO NFSL757G-40 20 24 30 870 12 X 0.95 X 0.115
5000K L045-N75850-SO NFSW757G-50 20 24 30 870 12 X 0.95 X 0.115
5000K GROW L045-N75H50-SO NFSW757GT-Rsp0a 20 24 30 870 12 X 0.95 X 0.115
6500K L045-N75865-SO NFSW757G-65 20 24 30 880 12 X 0.95 X 0.115

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Maximum Performance
Input Voltage 12VDC
LED Junction Temperature 120°C
Operating Temperature -40°C - 100°C
Storage Temperature -40°C - 100°C

Full Documentation


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