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Luxeon C 7-UP LED Light Module

Luxeon C 7-Up LED light module
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Product Details

Featured Specifications

CCT Color Temperature: Neutral White (4000K) Typical Luminous Efficacy: 117 Lumens/Watt
Max Drive Current: Up to 1225mA Typical Forward Voltage: 19.25 VDC @ 350mA
Wide Viewing Angle: 150° Secondary Optics: Compatible with Khatod’s Zeta Optic line
Typical Luminous Flux: 791 Lumens @ 350mA MCPCB Size: 40mm Circular board - 1.57” Diameter



7-up Luxeon C Solder Pads

The 7-Up Luxeon C LED light module is a compact, high lumen offering thanks to the 7 Luxeon C diodes it employs. The module is highly efficient, outputting roughly 117 Lumens per Watt! This high brightness LED light module is great for residential lighting applications and is optimal for architectural lighting, entertainment lighting and do-it-yourself lamps.

The Luxeon C diodes are designed for smooth color mixing and maximum Lumen punch. The Luxeon C line has one focal length for all colors, which provides consistent radiation patterns from secondary optics and maximizes optical efficiency. Thanks to the low dome design, effective source size is kept small while still improving light extraction. The super small 2x2mm2 package allows for dense packing - hence our 7-up array on a 1.57” diameter board!

7-Up MCPCB Design

The metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) is 1.57” in diameter and sits at 0.118” tall. Seven Luxeon C diodes are reflow soldered onto this electrically isolated MCPCB.

The seven diodes are arranged in a series circuit thanks to on-board jumpers. This makes it so there is one anode and cathode for power input as shown. The board can be customized so each LED is individually addressable as well, if you would like a parallel circuit please contact us directly. Technical specifications are found below for the in-series 7-Up LED module.


The 7-Up LED is currently offered in Neutral White, 4000K. Minimum orders may apply, but the Luxeon C is also available in: Far Red, Deep Red, Red, Red Orange, Amber, PC Amber, Mint, Lime, Green, Cyan, Blue and Royal Blue.

Optic for 7-Up LED moduleSecondary Optics

The 7-up LED is designed to work with secondary optics from Khatod. Khatod is a leading manufacturer in optical solutions for LED lighting. Khatod’s Zeta Optic line works fantastic with the board as shown to the right. The secondary optics focus light into narrow, medium or wide patterns.

Thermal Management

Thermal management should always be a top priority within any LED application. The Luxeon C has one of the industry’s lowest thermal resistance, meaning greater light output and lower heatsink costs. However, with 7 LEDs on the board this light module definitely requires some heatsinking. Some form of thermal grease or adhesive should be used to minimize air pockets and allow for maximum heat transfer from the MCPCB to your heatsink.



There are three mounting locations. A #4 screw should be used when utilizing the mounting point. Make certain that you will not damage the resistors near the mounting points as this will affect the overall function of the LED.


Technical Documentation

Product Selection (TJ= 85° C)

Color Part NumbersPerformance @ 350mA
LEDSupply #LUXdrive #Luxeon #Minimum
Wavelength nm
Minimum Luminous
Typical Luminous
4000K L1C1-7UP-840 P0G1108-840 L1C1-4070000000000 70 121 n/a 100 (x7) 116 (x7)



Electrical Characteristics @ 350mA, Thermal Pad Temperature of 85°C

Color Part Number Forward Voltage (Vf) Typ. Temperature Coefficient
of Forward Voltage (mV/°C)
Typ. Thermal Resistance
Junction to Thermal Pad (°C/W)
Min. Typ. Max.
White L1Ci-xxx0000000000 2.5 2.75 3.5 -1.7 2.8

Notes for Table

  • Measured between 25°C and 85°C.
  • Philips Lumileds maintains a tolerance of ±0.06V on forward voltage measurements.

    Absolute Maximum Ratings for White LED

    Parameter Maximum Performance
    DC Forward Current (mA) 1225mA
    Peak Pulsed Forward Current (mA) 1500mA
    ESD Sensitivity (ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001-2012) Class 3B
    LED Junction Temperature (DC & Pulse) 135°C
    LED Storage Temperature -40°C - 135°C
    Soldering Temperature JEDEC 020c 260°C
    Allowable Reflow Cycles 3
    Reverse Voltage (Vr) Luxeon C LEDs are not designed to be driven in reverse bias


    Full Documentation


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