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Khatod is a leading manufacturer of Optical Solutions for the major LEDs. Khatod, based out of Milano, Italy, is a pioneer of silicone lenses uses specifically for optical systems. Khatod is a skilled developer of custom optic solutions, providing top quality secondary optics and lenses to be used with light emitting diodes.


PL121106 Khatod Lens - 7-Up Narrow Spot LED Optic
Khatod’s 7 cell 13 degree optic array mixes and concentrates the output of 7 LEDs into a focused, narrow beam of light. Offers high light efficiencies in a very small lens size!
Product ID : PL121106
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I just renovated my kitchen and wanted a great over/under-counter lighting system. After pricing out ready to install LED lighting systems I realized I could build a much more energy effi...
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