Luxeon LEDs

Philips LumiLEDs created the brand, Luxeon®, and has quickly established a reputation for itself as a trusted name in LED lighting over the last decade. Luxeon LEDs are built not to just create the brightest LED, but an LED that combines both light output and color quality to create the best overall LED light source. LEDSupply carries a wide variety of Luxeon Rebel products for lighting projects both large and small
Custom 3-Up Luxeon High Power LED
Mix & match any Luxeon Rebel LEDs on a Triple (3-up) LUXdrive 20mm star MCPCB. Choose any combination of colors or whites.
$21.99 $19.99
Luxeon C 7-UP LED Light Module
A 40mm diameter compact high lumen output LED light module featuring seven Luxeon C Neutral White (4000K) LEDs reflowed on a LuxDrive MCPCB. This 7-Up LED really packs a punch at 117 Lumens/Watt!
PART #: L1C1-7UP-840
$16.49 $14.99
Luxeon C Color LEDs
Luxeon C Color line has top quality color output and is ideal for color mixing applications. Available in 1-Up and 3-Up Star Boards in Red, Red-Orange, Amber, PC Amber, Lime, Green, Cyan, Royal Blue, Blue & Violet.
PART #: J03x-L1C1xxx
$4.94 $4.49
Luxeon C White LEDs
Luxeon C White LEDs replace the long time favorite Luxeon Rebel. Luxeon C increases light output as well as thermal resistance. Available in 1-up and 3-up Star Boards in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K & 6500K
PART #: J03x-L1C1xWHT
$4.39 $3.99
Luxeon R Neutral-White 1-Up LED Star
Neutral-White Luxeon R High Flux LED emitter re-flowed to a LUXdrive metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) '1-Up LED Star'.
PART #: 07040-LXA7-40
$2.74 $2.49
Product is out of stock
Luxeon R Neutral-White LED Emitter
Neutral-White Luxeon R High Flux LED emitter for outdoor and industrial lighting applications
$0.83 $0.75
Luxeon R Triple (3-Up) Neutral-White LED Star
Three Neutral-White Luxeon R High Flux LED emitters re-flowed to a triple (3-Up) LUXdrive metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) 'LED Star'.
PART #: 07007-LXA7-40
$6.59 $5.99
Luxeon Rebel - Endor Star RGB High Power LED
Red, Green & Blue Luxeon Rebel LEDs re-flowed on a LUXdrive™ Triple (3-up) star MCPCB. Each LED on  board is individually addressable.
PART #: 07007-PRGB0-0
$16.86 $15.33
Luxeon Rebel - QuadPod 4-Up Deep-Red High Power LED
(4) Deep-Red Luxeon Rebel LEDs re-flowed in-series on a 24mm round MCPCB
$30.71 $27.92
Luxeon Rebel Color Emitters
Color Luxeon Rebel Emitters; available in Deep-Red, Red, Red-Orange, Amber, Green, Cyan, Blue and Royal-Blue.
PART #: LXMx-Px0x
$3.66 $3.33
Luxeon Rebel Color LEDs
Color Luxeon Rebel LED(s) re-flowed on a hexagonal LUXdrive™ Endor Star single (1-Up) or triple (3-Up) MCPCB.
PART #: 070xx-Px000-x
$5.31 $4.83
Luxeon Rebel White LEDs
White Luxeon Rebel LED(s) re-flowed on a LUXdrive™ Endor Star single (1-Up) or triple (3-Up) MCPCB.
PART #: 070xx-PWxxx-x
$4.39 $3.99
Product is out of stock
White Luxeon Rebel Emitter LEDs
White Luxeon Rebel Emitters ranging from warm-white (2700K) to Cool-White (6500K) correlated color temperatures (CCT).
$3.66 $3.33

General Information on Luxeon LEDs


What is the history of Luxeon LEDs?
What is the brightest Luxeon LED?
Luxeon is the trade named coined by Philips LumiLEDs company for their high-power LEDs.  The original high-power LED was the Luxeon I, rated for approximately 1-watt.  Like the Luxeon III and Luxeon V, these LEDs were meant to be surfaced mounted on a metal-core circuit board (MCPCB).  The next generation from Luxeon was the K2 LED.  The K2 exceeded the output and maximum drive current of the original Luxeon LEDs and were able to be re-flowed and mounted to MCPCB as well as FR-4 PCB material.  The size and production cost were limiting, hence the smaller, brighter and less expensive Luxeon Rebel was released.  The ceramic chip Luxeon Rebel LEDs at 3mm X 4.5mm use a electrically isolated thermal pad and provided a competitive product that replaced all previous Luxeon LEDs.
The brightest single source Luxeon LED we carry is the Cool-White Luxeon Rebel star part# 07040-PW750-N, but this LED can also be re-flowed in a 'triple' or '3-Up' configuration (#07007-PW750-N), effectively tripling the lumens.  Capable of over 2500 lumens the COB Luxeon K LED Array is by far the brightest multi-chip Luxeon LED (#LUXEON-K-COBWW12). 
Why choose Luxeon LEDs?
Do you offer optics for the Rebel LED?
Luxeon LEDs exceed Energy Star requirements, are lead and mercury free, and are REACH and RoHS compliant - eliminating troubles with regulations and government mandates.  In addition to third party testing and strict manufacturing safety regulations, Luxeon prides itself on approaching the design of their LEDs with care in regards to both light output and color quality.  Luxeon claims the Luxeon Rebel LED is the most widely used LED available.
Carclo Technical Plastics (Carclo) based in the United Kingdom is our primary source for secondary optics and reflectors; their molded poly-carbonate technology performs well in high temperature applications.  We offer both single, triple and quad optics to match with the different board designs.  Soon, we will expand our offering with Khatod optics and reflectors, an industry leading manufacturer of optoelectronic products and components. 
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