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Luxeon Rebel - Endor Star RGB High Power LED

Luxeon Rebel - Endor Star RGB High Power LED
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Product Details

Featured Specifications

Luxeon Rebel Part#: LXML-PD01-0040 - (Red) 3.15Vf (Blue) - Forward Voltage 350mA
Luxeon Rebel Part#: LXML-PM01-0100 - (Green) 120° - Viewing Angle
Luxeon Rebel Part#: LXML-PB01-0030 - (Blue) 150° C - Max Juntion Temperature
2.90Vf (Red)- Forward Voltage 350mA Each Color individually controllable
3.15Vf (Green) - Forward Voltage 350mA Fits Carclo Triple (3-Up) Optic



The RGB Luxeon Rebel Endor Star LED uses the popular Red, Blue and Green Rebel LEDs on a single board. Each of the three LEDs are reflow soldered to a 20mm hexagonal metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) and are individually addressable via solder pads. The small foot-print of the Rebel emitter allows for close proximity of the LEDs, creating an easier platform for mixing colors. The MCPCB is electronically isolated, 20mm in diameter and design to hold Carclo triple (3-Up) optics. These secondary lenses mix the RGB light into one beam in a variety of patterns: spot, medium, wide and elliptical. Individual specification and documentation on each color are listed below.


Technical Documentation

Product Selection for Luxeon Rebel:
Color Part# Min Flux (lm), Power mW Typ. Flux @ 350mA Typ. Efficacy Typ. Flux @ 700mA Typ. Efficacy @ 700mA
Green LXML-PM01-0100 100 102 100 161 68
Blue LXML-PB01-0040 40 41 38 70 29
Red LXM2-PD01-0040 40 48 65 90 56
Optical Characteristics:
Color Min Wavelength Typ. Wavelength Max Wavelength Spectural Half-Width Temp. Coefficient Typ. Angle Typ. Viewing Angle
Green 520nm 530nm 550nm 30 0.05 160 125
Blue 460nm 470nm 490nm 20 0.05 160 125
Red 620nm 627nm 645nm 20 0.05 160 125


Electrical Characteristics:
Color Part # Min. Forward Voltage Typ. Forward Voltage Max. Forward Voltage Temp. Coefficient Thermal Resistance Junction
Green LXML-PM01 2.55 2.90 3.51 -2.0 to -4.0 10
Blue LXML-PB01 2.55 3.03 3.51 -2.0 to -4.0 10
Red LXML-PD01 2.31 2.90 3.51 -2.0 to -4.0 12
Red LXM2-PD01 1.80 2.10 2.80 -2.0 to -4.0 8


Full Documentation

Luxeon   Rebel Full DocumentationLuxeon RebelLUXdrive Endor Star Full Documentation text-align:top;LUXdrive Endor Star


Product Reviews

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Reviewed by
03/28/2014 - 01:39:37 PM
Great Colors
This LED is so versatile. With a dimming driver for each color, you can mix and match to make any color you want. The drivers aren't too expensive and you can use an Arduino or something similar for more sophisticated applications.

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