Dynamic LED Light Engine Heat Sink

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  • Housing will hold LED, optic & Driver
  • Threaded design for easy maintenance
  • Works with 20mm LED Stars & Optics

Product Details

Simple 3-piece Assembly: Screws Together LED Compatibility: 1-Up or 3-Up 20mm LED Star (MCPCB)
Optic Compatibility: 1-Up or 3-Up 20mm Carclo Lens & Holder Wire Connection: 1/8" Diameter Center Hole
Mounting Thread: 1/2" National Pipe Thread (NPT) 3-Piece Connection: Middle Slug with 2 female pieces on either side.
Power Dissipation: 5-10 Watts w/ Passive Air Heat Transfer: Thermal Epoxy or Grease


The Dynamic LED Light Engine Housing is a combination heat sink and housing for LEDs. It is designed to hold a 20mm Carclo optic lens, a 20mm LED Star and a low voltage LED driver like the LuxDrive Buckpuck. The Dynamic housing is a threaded three piece design, machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. The threaded design allows for easy assembly and disassembly.  This allows for simple changeout of components if needed. Additionally, the Dynamic housing includes 6 small channels around the diameter of the sleeve to increase surface area and aid in passive air cooling. The completed size of the unit is small, sleek, light weight and while not technically waterproof it can be used in conjunction with clear silicone or our LED Seal.


Seen in the video to the right, and as mentioned earlier, this LED housings connects together via a three piece setup. The housing consists of a center slug and two sleeves; the male slug is large enough that a sleeve can be threaded on each end. Before screwing the pieces together, the LED gets placed on the slug with either a thermal grease or epoxy and the optic will sit on top of the LED. The slug has a small 1/8" diameter hole through the center for wires to pass through and connect to the LED and the bottom sleeve where the driver will sit. The top part of the housing will screw on over the LED and optic on the top half of the slug. When connecting the housing, the slug threads should also have thermal grease on them before screwing into the sleeve. The LED and optic will self-center as you thread the two pieces together. We recommend our Arctic Silver Thermal Grease for the best heat transfer.


Light-Engine-Housing-DimensionsWe offer two different sizes for this heatsink. Below you can see the difference in their physical dimensions. The 5 Watt and 10 Watt housing are built using the same design, the 10 Watt housing simply has more room and can deal with more power/heat.

There are two variations of the 5 and 10 Watt housings designed to accommodate either a 1-Up and 3-Up LED.  The DLH-xW-1UPHS holds a 1-Up LED star, optic holder and lens; the DLH-xW-3UPHS is built to hold a 3-Up LED star and optic. The bottom half of the housings can both fit any compatible drivers (listed below.


The light engine housings hold the driver in the bottom half. Just like any raw LED, these modules will require an appropriate power source and integrated circuit or LED driver. For selecting the correct LED driver, we have a complete guide on understanding LED drivers here.

Make sure you know the power that you will be running your LED at. This will determine what size heatsink you need. Our recommendation for drive current for the 5 Watt housing is:  500mA for a 3-Up and 1500mA for a 1-Up.  For a 10 Watt housing we recommend 1000mA for a 3-Up and no more than 3000mA for a 1-Up.


The bottom of the light engine housing has female 1/2" NPT threads. 

Technical Documentation

Assembled Size
1.25" Diameter, 2.625" Tall
1.50" Diameter, 4.25" Tall
6061-T6 Aluminum
6061-T6 Aluminum
Inside Thread Size
1/2"-14 NPT
1/2"-14 NPT
Compatible Drivers
BuckPuck & LDD-L (300mA - 700mA)

Full Documentation


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