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Dynamic 26mm LED Housing

Dynamic 26mm LED Housing
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Easy Assembly: Screws Together (Video Demo Below) LED Compatibility: 1-Up 20mm LED Star (MCPCB)
Optic Compatibility: 26mm Carclo Lens & Holder Wire Connection: 1/8" Diameter Center Hole
Mounting Thread: 1/2" (NPT) & 1/8" IP 2-Piece Connection: Male/Female Threads
Power Dissipation: 3-Watts w/ Passive Air Heat Transfer: Thermal Epoxy or Grease



The Dynamic 26mm LED Heat Sink Housing is a combination heat sink and housing for LEDs; specifically designed to hold a 26mm Carclo optic lens and holder with a 20mm metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) star LED. The Dynamic version evolved from the original Advanced Housings. The Dynamic housing is still a two piece design, machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, but instead of sliding together, the Dynamic housing screws together. This allows for changing out LEDs or optics when needed. The completed size of the unit is small, sleek, light weight and while not technically waterproof it can be used in conjunction with clear silicone or our LED Seal.


The video to the right shows how the LED housing connects together via male & female threads. The two piece housing consists of a slug and sleeve, with the slug having male threads that screw into the female threads inside the sleeve piece. Before screwing the pieces together, the LED gets placed on the slug with either a thermal grease or epoxy and the optic will sit on top of the LED. The slug has a small 1/8" diameter hole through the center for wires to pass through and connect to the LED. When connecting the housing the slug threads should also have thermal grease or epoxy on them before screwing into the sleeve. The LED and optic will self-center as you thread the two pieces together. We recommend our Arctic Silver Thermal Grease for the best heat transfer.

1-Up Design ONLY (allows use of LARGER 26.6MM Optic; as compared to the Dynamic LED Housing, which works with 1-Up AND 3-Up 20MM OPTICS)  

26mm Dynamic LED Housing Heat SinkAny of our Cree or Luxeon 1-Up LEDs can be used inside the DLH-26M-EH. There is a channel (see image on right) machined on the top surface of the slug piece that allows 24 AWG gauge wires to go from the LED star solder pads, underneath the star and through this channel, these wires then pass down through the center hole and out of the housing.  Specific dimensions are listed below in the characteristics table.


The  26mm LED Housings are modules only and not light engines; they do not include an LED driver. Just like any raw LED, these modules will require an appropriate power source and integrated circuit or LED driver. For selecting the correct LED driver, we have a complete guide on understanding LED drivers here.  Our recommendation for drive current is:  700mA.

Mounting Accessories for Dynamic LED HousingMounting

The bottom of the slug piece has female 1/8 IP threads (3/8 OD), which pairs with our 'all thread' nipple product and swivel (pictured on the right).  This is the most popular way to mount them as you can use the hex nuts that come with the nipple.  There is also 1/2" NPT thread on the outside base of these housings, which can be used for mounting; however we have seen these heat sinks used in a wide variety of applications where the threads weren't used at all. However, 1/2" NPT accessories can often be found in the electrical and plumbing sections in your local hardware store.

Technical Documentation


1-Up 26mm LED Housing
Assembled Size
1.25" Diameter, 1.625" Tall
6061-T6 Aluminum
Outside Mounting Thread Size
1/2"-14 NPT
Inside Thread Size
1/8"-27 NPS


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