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Product Details

CCT Color Temperatures: Cool-White, Neutral-White & Warm-White Efficiency: Exceed Energy Star Lumen Maintenance Requirements
Max Drive Current: Up to 1000mA Wide Viewing Angle: 125°
Secondary Optics: Compatible with Single & Triple Carclo Optics Binned: 1/4th ANSI Binning
Rebel Emitter Size: 3.17mm X 4.61mm Max. Junction Temp.: 150°C



The Luxeon Rebel White LED is a reliable high-power LED optimized for light quality and lumen output.   The extremely small foot-print allows more LEDs to be spaced together helping to light more unit/area and is perfect for space constrained applications.  The binning for these White Luxeon LEDs is 1/4 ANSI with very consistent and even correlated color temperatures (CCT).  The white Luxeon Rebels that we stock are very high CRI, typically in the 80 range for warm-white.     

1-up led star optic versus 3-up led star optic


We offer the White Luxeon Rebel LEDs on two different Endor Star metal core printed circuit boards (MCPCB): a single (1-Up: 1 LED) and triple (3-Up: 3 LEDs). The 1-Up Endor Star board is a single Rebel LED reflow soldered to a 20mm hexagonal (LED Star) MCPCB. The MCPCB has four large solder pads for easy solder connections. The 3-Up Endor Star board is three (3) Rebel LEDs reflow soldered in-series to a 20mm hexagonal MCPCB. The 3-Up MCPCB has two solder pads for connections, mounting holes for secondary Carclo optics and a center hole for wires or securing the LED star to a heat sink.


The CCT available are:  Cool White (5000K), Neutral White (4000K) & Warm White (3000K).  More Specifications on each color are listed below.

1-up led star optic versus 3-up led star optic

Secondary Optics

Both versions (1-Up & 3-Up) are designed to work with secondary optics from Carclo; Carclo is a leader in molded poly-carbonate lens systems. The 1-Up secondary lens system combines a plastic holder and lens that sits on top of the 1-Up MCPCB, while the 3-Up optic is a one-piece system with three legs that sit down into corresponding holes on the 3-Up MCPCB. These secondary optics focus light into narrow, medium, wide and elliptical patterns. More information and options are available on this page under the Accessories tab above.

Images, Part Numbers & Notes

Select the LED options near the 'add to cart' button to see the corresponding product image and part number. For referencing detailed specifications there are tables and downloadable documentation below.  Important Note: Unless noted otherwise the specifications list are for a single white Rebel LED. This means that in most cases the values need to be tripled for applications with the 3-Up version. For Example, if the forward voltage listed is 2.95V @ 350mA, the 3-Up version would be 8.85V.


Technical Documentation

Product Selection (TJ= 25° C)

Color LEDSupply # Luxeon # Performance @ 350mA
1-Up # 3-Up # Minimum
Minimum Luminous
Typical Luminous
3000K 07040-PW830-K 07007-PW830-K LXM3-PW71 80 85 22 66 94
4000K 07040-PW740-N 07007-PW740-N LXML-PW51 80 85 28 75 103
5000K 07040-PW750-N 07007-PW750-N LXML-PW31 65 70 80 105


Optical Characteristics

Color Color Temperature
Typ. Total
Included Angle
Typ. Viewing Angle
Min. Typ. Max.
3000K 2870K 3045K 3220K 160 120
3000K 2870K 3045K 3220K 160 120
3000K 2870K 3045K 3220K 160 120

Notes for Table

  • Tested at 350 mA.
  • CCT tester tolerance.
  • Total angle at which 90% of total luminous flux is captured.
  • Viewing angle is the off axis angle from lamp center-line where the luminous intensity is 1/2 of the peak value
  • All white products are built with Indium Gallium Nitride (InGaN).


Electrical Characteristics @ 350mA, Thermal Pad Temperature of 25°C

Color Part Number Forward Voltage (Vf) Typ. Temperature Coefficient
of Forward Voltage (mV/°C)
Typ. Thermal Resistance
Junction to Thermal Pad (°C/W)
Min. Typ. Max.
Warm White LXML-PW71 2.55 3.00 3.51 -2.0 to -4.0 10
Neutral White LXML-PW61 2.55 3.00 3.51 -2.0 to -4.0 10
Warm White LXML-PW51 2.55 3.00 3.51 -2.0 to -4.0 10

Notes for Table

  • Measured between 25°C = TJ = 110°C at If = 350 mA.
  • Philips Lumileds maintains a tolerance of ±0.06V on forward voltage measurements.


Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Maximum Performance
DC Forward Current (mA) 700
Peak Pulsed Forward Current (mA) 700
Average Forward Current (mA) 700
ESD Sensitivity < 8000V Human Body Model (HBM) Class 3A JESD22-A114-E
LED Junction Temperature 135°C
Operating Case Temperature -40°C - 135°C
Storage Temperature -40°C - 135°C
Soldering Temperature JEDEC 020c 260°C
Allowable Reflow Cycles 3
Reverse Voltage (Vr) Luxeon Rebel LEDs are not designed to be driven in reverse bias


Important Information

Average Lumen Maintenance Characteristics Lumen maintenance for solid-state lighting devices (LEDs) is typically defined in terms of the percentage of initial light output remaining after a specified period of time. Lumileds projects that LUXEON Rebel products will deliver, on average, 70% lumen maintenance (L70) at 50,000 hours of operation at a forward current of up to 700mA. This projection is based on constant current operation with junction temperature maintained at or below 135°C. This performance is based on independent test data, Lumileds historical data from tests run on similar material systems, and internal LUXEON reliability testing. Observation of design limits included in this data sheet is required in order to achieve this projected lumen maintenance.


Full Documentation



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