Finned LED Heatsinks

Find extruded, MR16 style, CPU style and chipset anodized and powder coated finned heatsinks for cooling single or small groups of high power LEDs.

Composite LED Heatsink
Small, 0.65"(W) X 0.65"(L) X 0.4"(H), composite heatsink with 13 legs
Product ID : 04021-HEATSINK
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CPU Style LED Heatsink
98mm(D) X 30mm(H) CPU style finned LED heatsink with 4 holes for mounting
Product ID : HS-98-30MM
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Extrusion LED Heatsink
125mm(W) X 100mm(L) X 30mm(H) extrusion heatsink
Product ID : HS-125-100-30MM
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Half-Brick Heatsink - Black Powder Coated Finish with Mounting Holes
Black anodized aluminum, 10C/W, 61mm X 58mm X 24mm, RoHS
Product ID : 102-1489
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Half-Brick Heatsink - Black Powder Coated Finish with Screws
Black anodized aluminum, finned heatsink. Thermal control for 6-7 Watts!
Product ID : 102-1488
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Heatsink - Finned with Adhesive Tape
Black anodized aluminum, thermal adhesive, 35mm X 35mm X 18mm
Product ID : HS13137
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MR16 Composite Heat Sink
Thermal plastic composite heat sink for MR16 style lighting.
Product ID : B015-401
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