0-10V Wall Mount Dimming Control

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  • Dimmer Option: Rotary Knob or Slider
  • Dim multiple light fixtures with ease
  • Easy & Safe 2-Wire Installation!

Product Details

0-10V Current Sinking Dimmer Dims multiple units with ease!
Design Options: Turn-style knob or Vertical Slider  Wall mounting face plate included!
Reverse Polarity Protection Dimming Range: 5-100%
Easy Installation! Hardware included: Wire nuts & mounting screws


0-10V Dimmer hardware

LUXdrive's 0-10 volt DC low-voltage dimming control is made to dim high power LEDs. This dimmer was designed to work with LuxDrive drivers but will be compatible with all drivers with a 0-10V control. The dimmer comes in two different designs: a rotary knob or a vertical slider, the choice is yours! Added features include fast logarithmic response and reverse polarity protection.

LuxDrive has designed a dual channel 0-10V dimmer that houses two of these dimmers in one unit with the same footprint. If you would like multi-channel dimming check out the dual 0-10V dimmer here.


What is included?

  • Dimming Control
  • Face Plate for wall mounting
  • Mounting Screws
  • Wire Nuts


LUXdrive Compatibility

LUXdrive made this low voltage dimmer to work with their low voltage driver lines and high power LED strips. This 0-10V dimmer will control the products listed below from 0-100% brightness. Also listed are the maximum amount of units that can be dimmed from a single dimmer.

Low Voltage Driver

A009 BuckBlock & A011 FlexBlock - maximum 25 units

3021/3023 BuckPuck & 4015 BoostPuck - maximum 4 units

High Power LED Strips

6014 Elara Strip, 9008 LuxStrip II & A006 LuxStrip II - maximum 50 strips



See the datasheet below for specific wiring instructions but most compatible drivers with a current-sinking control will have the same color wires. Gray is the control line and purple is the reference line. Connect the two like wires together and you will be good to go!

2022 Wire Update due to National Electric Code: A change made to the 2020 edition of the National Electric Code prohibits the use of gray wiring in low voltage lighting installations, in order to avoid confusion with the gray neutral wire in 277 volt AC systems. This change officially took effect on January 1, 2022. Hence, all LuxDrive products manufactured after this date will use a pink wire for the 0-10V common line instead of the old gray (per NEMA Bulletin No.119) Based on existing stock volume, some products shipped after the first of the year will still have purple/gray wires. Please contact us at LEDSupply if you have any questions. This page will be updated with new wiring diagram/information as older product phases out.

What if the drivers have a 3rd wire?

Current sourcing drivers have a 3rd line that is the reference voltage line. In these setups the wire is usually yellow and you will be wondering what to do since there are only two wires coming off the dimmer. All you need to do is attach this extra wire and the purple wire from the driver to the purple wire on the dimmer. Connect the gray lines together like normal and you will be all set!

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