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15W Phihong 350mA Constant Current AC Driver
350mA 15W constant current (CC) non-dimmable IP20 110Vac Phihong LED driver.
Product ID : PDA015B-350C
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2.1mm Male/Female Plug with LED Strip Connector
2.1mm male or female plug with 6" long wires, that are connector to a 2-pin LED strip connector for 10mm wide single color LED strips.
Product ID : 21M-X-PLUG
30W Phihong 700mA Constant Current AC Driver
700mA 30W constant current (CC) non-dimmable IP20 110Vac Phihong LED driver.
Product ID : PDA030B-700C
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456 Satellite LED Down Light
Versatile LED fixture with low profile designed for recessed or surface mount general down lighting applications.
Product ID : LS-SAT-30K
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6W Phihong IP67 Constant Current AC Drivers
Constant current (CC) non-dimmable IP67 110Vac 6W Phihong LED drivers available in a wide range of output currents.
Product ID : PDA006A-XXXB
Interchangeable 5-Inch or 6-Inch IC/UL LED Downlight with White Trim
14-Watt UL & IC certified LED downlight retrofit lamps are high quality replacements for 70W incandescent lamps
Product ID : LS-A56-30K-WH
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Luxeon R Neutral-White 1-Up LED Star
Neutral-White Luxeon R High Flux LED emitter re-flowed to a LUXdrive metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) '1-Up LED Star'.
Product ID : 07040-LXA7-40
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Luxeon R Neutral-White LED Emitter
Neutral-White Luxeon R High Flux LED emitter for outdoor and industrial lighting applications
Product ID : LXA7-PW40
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Luxeon R Triple (3-Up) Neutral-White LED Star
Three Neutral-White Luxeon R High Flux LED emitters re-flowed to a triple (3-Up) LUXdrive metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) 'LED Star'.
Product ID : 07007-LXA7-40
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MR16 Composite Heat Sink
Thermal plastic composite heat sink for MR16 style lighting.
Product ID : B015-401
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Open Frame 150W Power Supply - 12VDC Output
150-Watt open-frame AC-to-DC power-supply with a wide range input (110-264Vac) and 12Vdc at 12.5a output.
Product ID : 12VDC-150W
Open Frame Power Supply - 24VDC 4.5AMP
The #24VDC45A is a 100-watt open-frame power-supply that accepts 110Vac and outputs 24Vdc at 4.5-amps.
Product ID : 24VDC45A
Pack of 4 PAR20 Warm-White Dimmable LED Retrofit Lamp
4pk of PAR20 2700K Warm-White LED retrofit lamps - Priced to sell
Product ID : LS-8PAR20-4PK
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RGB LED Controller
RGB LED controller with RF remote for wireless dimming of 12Vdc RGB LED strip lighting.
Product ID : LO-D-RGB
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Excellent technical help, quick shipping in US, fair pricing. My only complaint is they need more led parts for my projects. Like, lenses, reflectors. I am not an optics man anymore.
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