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DIMENSIONS: (H) 1.5" X (W) 6.20" X (L) TBD" Increments SURFACE AREA: 392 Square Inches Per Foot
MATERIAL: 6063 Heat Sink Grade Aluminum FINISH: Black Anodized to Improve Heat Radiation
Durability: Tempered & Anodized LEDs: 7 Lanes of Mounting


Featured Sizes


This heat sink is 'just the right size' because you get to choose. The MakersHEATSINK SLIM can be customized to your exact needs, whether you want the length to be six inches or six feet; we can cut it for you. The standard choices start at six inches and get longer by six inch increments up to a total length of four feet. However, contact us if you want a different length and we will accommodate your needs.



Design and geared towards passively cooled builds, the MakersHEATSINK SLIM is ideal for fresh water or fish-only aquariums, grow lights, shop lights, etc.  As the name SLIM indicates the heatsinks is sleek and low profile at only 1.5" tall; the length of these vary, but are available from 6" up to 4-feet.  The black anodized finish provides a very stunning look to help provide durability, extra cooling and make your DIY project appear professionally done.  Noted below in more detail, the SLIM heat sink can be used for high power applications with the addition of active cooling.

MakersHEATSINK SLIM t-slot mountingT-Slot Design:

MakersHEATSINK SLIM t-slot animationThe t-slot design makes positioning and mounting LEDs easy, additionally the t-slots make it simple to replace or reconfigure the location of LEDs. Specifically, the t-slot channels allow a nut to slide in and attached to a screw and washer for securing each LED to the heatsink (see image).  The pressure from the screw helps lower the thermal resistance and keeps the LEDs running more cool.

Numer of LEDs:

The MakersLED Slim Heat Sink was intended for use without active cooling, however fans can be used to allow for applications requiring higher power LEDs.  With passive cooling only (no fans, normal ambient) a one-foot section of the heat sink can easily handle approximately 33-watts of LEDs.  The kit comes with enough hardware for 25 LEDs per foot.  This wattage is ideal for running around 25 LEDs/foot at 350mA to 500mA.  With active cooling, the heatsink can run closer to 100-watts of LEDs/foot.

MakersHEATSINK SLIM KitWhat is Included:

  • cut-to-length heat sink housing
  • 1/16" [1.5mm] clear acrylic splash guard
  • two plastic end caps [ABS plastic]
  • stainless steel assembly hardware
  • *4-40 screw & nuts, enough for 25 LEDs [per 12"]
  • *nylon washers, enough for 25 LEDs [per 12"]
  • 6" length fixtures include enough hardware for 12 LEDs
  • 18" length fixtures include enough hardware for 37 LEDs
  • Link to the MakersLED LED Planning Tool


Full Product Review:

On November 10th a complete product review of the MakersHEATSINK SLIM was published here.



MakersSLIM Fan:

Optional MakersSLIM Fan for heat sinkThe MakersSLIM Fan easily connects via mounting hardware to the fins of the heat sink (see image on right), allowing the use of more LEDs (up to approximately 100-watts).

MakersLED 5Up Pro Driver:

The MakersLED 5UP PRO Driver is the easiest solution for powering LEDs. The driver quickly mounts to the MakersLED Heatsink, is power from 48Vdc, has manual potentiometers for adjusting light output and/or easily connects to the MakersLED Controller for setting up custom lighting patterns.

MakersLED Controller:

The MakersLED Controller mates with the MakersLED 2-UP or 5-Up PRO driver(s) to allow features like: sunrise, sunset, moonlight and more! Special effect include lunar cycle, noon peak, storms with lightning and cloud clover. Set-up and operation is made easy with programmed effects, single remote point and a simple menu structure.

MakersLED Hanging Kit:

The hanging kit accessory is a 2-point system that connects to each end of the heatsink and allows the MakersLED to be lowered or raised.


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