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MakersLED Heatsink Kit

MakersLED Heatsink Kit
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Product Details

Featured Specifications

DIMENSIONS: (H) 3.15" X (W) 6.45" X (L) 6" Increments WATTAGE: 100-120W/ft
MATERIAL: Heat Sink Grade 6063 Aluminum & ABS Plastic FINISH: Clear Anodized Aluminum


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MakersLED Heatsink Kit Featured Image



MakersLED t-slot animationThe professional grade MakersLED Heatsink Kit is the starting point for your DIY LED light fixture - be it a reef tank light or grow light, the design of the MakersLED Heatsink includes an array of features and accessories to support all the needs of its DIY audience.

T-Slot Design:

The t-slot design makes positioning and mounting LEDs easy, additionally the t-slots make it simple to replace or reconfigure the location of LEDs. Specifically, the t-slot channels allow a nut to slide in and attached to a screw and washer for securing each LED to the heatsink (see image above).

Size & Lengths:

The MakersLED Heatsink is rugged and robust boasting the ability to power around 30 high-brightness LEDs or around 100-120W of cooling per foot. More dimensions and drawings are included in the FAQ section: (H) 3.15" X (W) 6.45" X (L) TBD. We cut-to-length on site and offer standard lengths every 6-inches up to 48-inches. We are happy to cut custom lengths upon request - let us know.

What is Included:

Included with MakersLED
  • heat sink housing
  • clear anodized to protect finish and improve radiation heat transfer
  • acrylic splash guard
  • two plastic end caps
  • four upper t-slot plugs
  • 92mm fan 12V [one per 12”]*
  • 92mm fan cover[one per 12”]
  • stainless steel assembly hardware [on exposed parts – used to mount plastics]
  • 4-40 screws and nuts, enough for 25 LED’s [per 12”]*
  • nylon washers, enough for 25 LED’s [per 12”]*

Mounting & Planning:

makersled dowel mounting option

The mounting of your MakersLED Heatsink Kit, whether it be resting or hanging, will depend on your individual situation. There is an accessory that can be purchased designed specifically for hanging, which is easy to integrate and can be adjusted up and down in height. The heatsink also includes dowel holders that can be used to rest the heatsink on a surface (shown to left). The video below also includes a few more ideas for mounting.

To help make your project easier and well organized, we have a link below to a planning tool. This will help to visualize and plan where you will mount your LEDs and place your wiring. Here is the link to the MakersLED LED Planning Tool. The tool works best in Google Chrome browser.



The MakersLED Heatsink Kit is only the beginning of your DIY journey. You'll need LEDs, Drivers, Controllers, and other miscellaneous accessories along the way.

MakersLED Driver:

The MakersLED 2UP PRO Driver is the easiest solution for powering LEDs. The driver quickly mounts to the MakersLED Heatsink, is power from 48Vdc, includes a 12V output for powering the fan, has manual potentiometers for adjusting light output and/or easily connects to the MakersLED Controller for setting up custom lighting patterns.

MakersLED Controller:

The MakersLED Controller mates with the MakersLED 2-UP PRO driver to allow features like: sunrise, sunset, moonlight and more! Special effect include lunar cycle, noon peak, storms with lightning and cloud clover. Set-up and operation is made easy with programmed effects, single remote point and a simple menu structure.

MakersLED Hanging Kit:

The hanging kit accessory is a 2-point system that connects to each end of the heatsink and allows the MakersLED to be lowered or raised.


Product Video Overview:



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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by
01/28/2014 - 08:02:00 PM
Glad I found this led heatsink!
I've been wanting to build my own LED grow light for awhile, but it wasn't until I found the makersled that I decided to buy. For those without much growing experience, even LEDs give off heat and heat isn't good for the growing environment. For the best results it is important to keep a stable temperature, my grow area is within a confined space, so keeping the heat down is important. The makersled allowed me to run a ton of wattage and still keep my leds and grow environment cool!
Reviewed by
01/22/2014 - 11:25:45 AM
Great Product!
I love this heatsink kit, it comes with everything you need! I've done a few LED projects in the past and it was always an issue finding the right heatsink along with fans for cooling and everything else you need. With the MakersLED kit the heatsink portion of your project is taken care of. I especially like the versatility of the MakersLED. If I decide to add LEDs to my light in the future, I don't have to do a total redesign. The MakersLED allows for a nice professional looking finished product, much better than a plain aluminum heatsink with stars epoxied on. I would recommend this heatsink kit to anyone building a DIY Grow Light or similar project.
Reviewed by
01/20/2014 - 01:56:50 PM
Very happy with the product/service
I wanted a special length and LEDSupply cut the piece perfect. I was a perfect fit for my application and at the price was unbeatable! It took some care to properly place all the LEDs, but that was fun for me. The final product turned out looking incredible and more importantly the LEDs are all running very cool. I have around 75-watts per/foot.
11/03/2013 - 06:55:02 AM
Great product!
I like that the kit comes with so many different features and all the hardware required. It's really versatile, and has such clean finish. I used mine for a reef tank light and everyone absolutely loves the look of the light and the tank when it's lit up. Of course the project required some customization, but for me that was part of the fun. I can't list every thing about the product i like, but if you are interest, I highly recommend watching the video. I did and it cleared up a lot of questions.

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What does the MakersLED Kit include?

  • cut to length heat sink
  • matching length splash guard
  • two plastic end caps
  • four t-slot plugs
  • 92mm fan 12V [one per 12”]
  • custom 92mm fan bezel [one per 12”]
  • stainless steel assembly hardware (exposed parts)
  • 4-40 bolts and nuts, enough for 25 LED’s [per 12”]
  • nylon washers, enough for 25 LED’s [per 12”]
  • MakersLED Kit Components

    What are the dimensions of the fixture?

  • Height: 3.15in
  • Width: 6.45in
  • Length: 1ft Increments
  • Acrylic: 5.9
  • Lanes of LEDs: 5
  • MakersLED Dimensions


    How many LEDs can be mounted to a 12 inch MakersLED?

    Over 30 LED stars can be quickly mounted, repositioned, and upgraded within a 12” length of fixture.

    MakersLED LED Placement


    Why are there so many slots for the splash guard?

    Lenses come in all heights and the multiple slots allow the splash guard to keep close to the lenses. Depending on lens height, the splash guard may help hold the lenses onto the LED’s.

    The additional slots could also allow for printed circuit boards (PCBs) to be slid into the fixture for power inlets, interconnects, or LED drivers.

    One could also design a custom piece of opaque acrylic with holes for your LEDs to illuminate through if you wanted to cover up wiring (shown below). Ponoko and Pololu both offer affordable acrylic laser cutting services. Inkscape is free software which you can design the artwork in.

    In most cases, when the LEDs are turned on, they will be so bright you won’t be able to see the underside even when you are looking! The built in t-slots also offer a great place to tuck your wires into for a clean look. Long lengths of extrusion also help hide wires.

    MakersLED Acrylic Lens


    What material is the MakersLED made from?

    MakersLED is made of heat sink grade 6063 aluminum. Plastic parts are made of ABS plastic.


    What type of fan is included?

    The fan is a standard 92mm x 25mm fan. Any fan with these dimensions will also work. It is a 12VDC fan.

    MakersLED Fan


    How is the fan powered?

    We recommend purchasing an AC to DC power adapter with a 4-pin molex PC power connector, however any 12v DC power source with enough amperage will work.


    What type of LED’s can be used with the housing?

    Just about any LED can be used with the MakersLED fixture. Even though the T-slots are based upon 20mm stars, many other sizes and designs can be used. Larger LED boards and triple diode ‘pucks’ can be turned and bolted down at angles. Strip style LED’s can be mounted in virtually any direction, parallel, perpendicular, or at angles.


    Do I have to solder my LED’s?

    No, soldering is not necessarily needed. There are a number of plug and play or friction fit electrical connections to the LEDs. However, soldering can be easily mastered and is the recommended connection. We will offer information on an inexpensive soldering iron and a how-to video describing this process. It really is easy!


    Is thermal paste needed?

    Yes. We strongly suggest using thermal paste or thermal grease to effectively dissipate heat from your LED’s. Heat will deteriorate your LED’s, decreasing light output and longevity.

    Using less thermal paste is better than using too much. The thermal paste’s job is to fill in the minute imperfections of the two surfaces. Standing air is a bad thermal conductor. Aluminum to aluminum contact will almost always outperform thermal paste.


    Why use T-slots for mounting LED’s when there are alternatives, such as double stick thermal pads and tapes?

    We do not recommend using double stick thermal pads and tapes because of their poor thermal performance. In addition, the T-slots offer a clear advantage because of their ease of use and ability to reconfigure LED locations at any time.


    Customer Reviews
    FIRST RATE, Extremely helpful. I wasn't sure exactly what all parts I needed to complete my project and they advised me the whole way. The LED lights arrived quickly and packaged very ve...
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