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MakersDRIVER 5UP Pro

MakersDRIVER 5UP Pro
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Product Details


Mounting: Docks into any MakersHEATSINK LEDs: Drives up to 70 3V LEDs 
5-Channels: 14 LEDs / Channel Wire Connection: Color Coded Terminal Blocks
Fan: Self-Power up to 1 Fan (12VDC, 250mA Max) Size: 1.6" (W) X 5.9" (L) X 1" (T)
Terminal Blocks: 14-22 Gauge Wire or two 18-22 Gauge Wire Protection: Over-current & Reverse Polarity (6A Fuse)
Power Consumption: 225 Watts Including LEDs 0-10V Input: Analog Input for Dimming Control
Dimming: Manual w/ MakersDIM, 0-10V Analog or MakersController Warranty: 90-Days



MakersDRIVER 5UP Pro Drawing

The MakersDRIVER 5UP Pro is the ultimate power and dimming solution for use with either the MakersHEATSINK ORIGINAL or SLIM. This unit makes power connections easy and provides multiple options for dimming and controlling your LEDs. For example, the 5UP Pro driver can be used with the MakersDIM for manual control of each channel, it can also be used with an external 0-10V DC analog signal and, last but not least, there are input and output connections for pairing the unit with the popular MakersCONTROLLER.

Installed MakersDRIVER 5UP Pro in MakersHEATSINK


  • (1) MakersDRIVER 5UP Pro
  • (5) Meanwell LDD Drivers (350, 500, 700 or 1000mA)
  • (1) Quick Start Guide


5-Channel PRO Drives up to 70 LEDs

Each of the 5-channels incorporate user-replaceable Meanwell LDD series LED drivers.  The Meanwell power modules provide a constant current source needed to properly drive the LEDs.  The available options for output current are:  350, 500, 700 and 1000mA (select in the drop-down menu before adding to cart).  The voltage input range of these modules is 9-52VDC, with 48Vdc being the most commonly used power-supply.  However, any DC power-supply between that range can be used; our power-supplies are listed here. Using a 48Vdc power-supply will result in around 45V output to your LEDs.  However, it is always a good idea to leave some unused voltage since the LED forward voltage can fluctuate depending on current, temperature and LED bins.  So for example, instead of using the maximum 45 volts (15 x 3V LEDs), we recommend using 14 LEDs per channel.  Warning:  If the forward voltage of the driver is exceeded, the LEDs will become dim, even at full intensity.

Ultimate Control of your LEDs

MakersDRIVER 5UP Pro Dimming Module AccessoryThe MakersDRIVER 5UP Pro was designed to work in combination with either the 5UP Manual MakersDIM Module (picture right) or the MakersCONTROLLER (picture left). The MakersDIM can fine tune dimming with a manual interface that allows for individual control of each channel via dimming knobs.  This dimming module mounts as an end-cap to the heat sink, the end-cap was engineered with a printed circuit board (PCB) and potentiometers. The connection between the units is either an included 10-pin ribbon that fits to the 10-pin header on the 5UP Pro driver or additionally there is a 0-10V analog terminal on the dimming module.  Those looking for superior control, like sunrise and a sunset cycle, can use the 5UP Pro driver with the MakersCONTROLLER.  MakersController for use with MakersDRIVER 5UP ProMultiple MakersDRIVERS can be connected by daisy chaining multiple MakersDRIVERS back to a single MakersCONTROLLER.  Cables are plugged in by following the INPUT and OUTPUT labels on the 5UP Pro.  A fail-safe mechanism is built into the MakerDRIVER. In case the MakersCONTROLLER loses communication with the Driver for over 5 seconds, the Driver will automatically turn off as to not exceed the set photo-period. Once communication is restored, the Driver will re-enable.

For More Information

Included below is a link to the PDF documentation where additional details, drawings and photos are located. Additionally, we will continue adding trouble-shooting resources and commonly asked questions with the FAQ section.

Full Documentation


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