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Power supplies allow you to power your LED and driver from a wall outlet or other source.


Top Selling Power Supplies:

Desktop Power Supply - 12VDC 3AMP
110Vac input, 12Vdc output, 3A output & 36-Watt capacity
Product ID : 12VDC30A
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Desktop Power Supply - 24VDC 1.7AMP
110Vac input, 24Vdc output, 1.7A output & 40-Watt capacity
Product ID : 24VDC17A
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MagTech - 12VDC Constant Voltage 40-Watt Power Supply
40-Watt power-supply from MagTech, 100-240Vac input & 12Vdc 3amp output
Product ID : LP1040-12
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Open Frame Power Supply - 24VDC 4.5AMP
110Vac input, 24Vdc output, 4.5A output & 100-Watt capacity
Product ID : 24VDC45A
Wall Wart Power Supply - 12VDC 1AMP
110Vac input, 12Vdc output, 1A output & 12-Watt capacity
Product ID : 12VDC10A
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