LED Strips

LED Strips in a variety of powers, colors, sizes and light outputs for linear, low-profile lighting solutions for small and tight spaces. Applications range from lighting outdoor spaces, bars, coves, kick-spaces, reception areas, retail displays, restaurants, under-cabinet spaces, back-lighting, signs and more.

LED Flex Strips
12VDC Waterproof Strips with Thermal Tape
High Power LED Strips
Component Style 12-Inch Rigid LED Strips
Linear LED Fixture
Finished Style LED Strips - Undercabinet
AC LED Flex Strips
Line Voltage (AC) LED Flex Strips

General Information on LED Strips


What are common applications for LED strips?
Use Flex strips or High-Power LED strips?
The low-profile, adhesive backing and trimmable length makes LED flex strip easy to hide almost anywhere.  Imagine a softly lit cove inside your living room, above and in decorative display cases, below cabinets, behind mirrors, underneath toe kick areas.  Outside applications often include indirect lighting under hand-rails, porch railings, and eves.  We have seen color strips on motorcycles, under vehicles and inside bars for a modern look and feel.
High-Power LED strips use LEDs capable of drive currents up to 700mA making them perfect applications that require more light than accent or indirect lighting.  Our High-Power strips also have on-board drivers that deliver constant current and provide low-voltage dimming control.  The Flex strips are much less bright, and obviously flexible where the High-Power strips are rigid.  For example a High-Power LUXstrip can produce more than 1000-lumens per foot where a 3-foot piece of Flex strip produces 300-lumens.
Is dimming available?
Do I need to heatsink my LED strip?
Yes, dimming is available for both High-Power strips and Flex strips.
The High-Power LED strips do require additional heatsinking, but the Flex strips do not require a heatsink.
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