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LED Strips Category ImageThis is where you will find our large selection of LED strip lights in a variety of colors (single and changing), lengths and intensities.  LEDSupply uniquely offers very short to extremely long lengths of strips, with wireless, wall-mount and remote dimming. These strips can work for a variety of home applications, both indoor and outdoor (with our weather proof flex strips). LED strip lights are used for linear, low profile lighting or when space is tight. Some common applications include LED under-cabinet lighting, cove lighting, lit stairs, bar lights, signage, display lighting, car strip lights, deck lighting and much more. For guides and more helpful information on LED strips see below.

LED Flex Strips
12VDC Waterproof Strips with Thermal Tape
High Power LED Strips
Component Style 12-Inch Rigid LED Strips
Linear LED Fixture
Finished Style LED Strips - Undercabinet
AC LED Flex Strips
Line Voltage (AC) LED Flex Strips

General Information on LED Strips


Guide to LED Strip Lighting

LED strip lighting is a great alternative compared to incandescent, xenon and halogen linear lighting. Benefits like durability, long-lifetime, low energy consumption, easy powering and controlling make switching or choosing LEDs the obvious choice. However, there are some general guidelines to consider before buying LED strips

Breakdown of Different LED Strips

Depending on how you plan to use them, you actually may need one type of strip over another. Our LED Flex Strips, for example, are better suited for bathrooms and outdoor applications as they are encased in silicone that makes them waterproof. The Flex Strips are more for accent lighting though so if your application calls for something brighter than the High-Power LED Strips would probably be better for you as they boast much more light.

LED Strip Comparison Table
12Vdc LED Flex Strips AC LED Flex Strips LUXstrip II ElaraStrip LVL2 Fixture
Lumens: 100/ft Lumens: 80/ft Lumens: Up to 1000/ft Lumens: 270/ft Lumens: 270/ft
Input Voltage: 12Vdc Input Voltage: 110Vac Input Voltage: 24Vdv Input Voltage: 12-24Vdc Input Voltage: 12-24Vdc
Wattage: 2.4W/ft Wattage: 1.6W/ft Wattage: 18W/ft Wattage: 4.5W/ft Wattage: 4.5W/ft
Dimming: Yes Dimming: Yes Dimming: Yes 0-10V Dimming: Yes 0-10V Dimming: No
Colors: RGB, CW, NW, WW, Red, Green, Blue & Yellow Colors: CW, WW, Red, Green & Blue Colors: CW, NW, WW, All Colors & Custom Combinations Colors: Cool-White, Neutral-White & Warm-White Colors: Cool-White, Neutral-White & Warm-White
Sold in 3 foot increments up to 1-real (5-meters, 16.4-feet), protected by silicone for weatherproofing & self-adhesive thermal tape for securing to surface. Weatherproof flexible LED strips sold in 6 different lengths from 3-feet to 45-feet and connectable up to 105-feet. High-Power surface mount LEDs from Cree or Luxeon mounted to a a rigid linear strip with an on-board dimming LED driver. Sold in 1-foot lengths with end-to-end connection possibilities. High-Power surface mount Nichia 157 LEDs mounted to a a rigid linear strip with an on-board dimming LED driver. Sold in 1-foot lengths with end-to-end connection possibilities. High-Power surface mount Nichia 157 LEDs mounted to a a rigid linear strip installed inside a rugged aluminum white powder-coated fixture available in 1-foot, 2-foot and 3-foot lengths.
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What are applications for LED strips?
Use Flex strips or High-Power LED strips?
The low-profile, adhesive backing and trimmable length makes LED flex strip easy to hide almost anywhere.  Imagine a softly lit cove inside your living room, above and in decorative display cases, below cabinets, behind mirrors, underneath toe kick areas.  Outside applications often include indirect lighting under hand-rails, porch railings, and eves.  We have seen color strips on motorcycles, under vehicles and inside bars for a modern look and feel.
High-Power LED strips use LEDs capable of drive currents up to 700mA making them perfect applications that require more light than accent or indirect lighting.  Our High-Power strips also have on-board drivers that deliver constant current and provide low-voltage dimming control.  The Flex strips are much less bright, and obviously flexible where the High-Power strips are rigid.  For example a High-Power LUXstrip can produce more than 1000-lumens per foot where a 3-foot piece of Flex strip produces 300-lumens.
Is dimming available?
Do I need to heatsink my LED strip?
Yes, dimming is available for both High-Power strips and Flex strips.
The High-Power LED strips do require additional heatsinking, but the Flex strips do not require a heatsink.
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