LED Drivers

LED drivers convert your power-supply to constant current with a varying voltage, suitable for LEDs.  LED Supply's extensive LED driver catalog includes a complete range of components for dimming or non-dimming LED applications from makers like, Recom, Mean Well, MagTech, and LUXdrive.

DC Input
DC Input ~ Constant Current Output
AC Input
AC Input ~ Constant Current Output
LUXdrive - Brand
Low Voltage Input ~ Constant Current Output
MagTech - Brand
High Voltage Input ~ Constant Current Output
MeanWell - Brand
Line Voltage Input ~ Constant Current Output
Recom - Brand
AC Input ~ Constant Current Ouput by Recom
LED Controllers
Dimming, Flashing, Multi-Channel & more

General Information on LED Drivers


Do I need to use an LED driver?
What does an LED driver do?
If your LED project uses any LED more powerful than a simple indicator LED, then yes some sort of LED driver is required!
LED drivers differ from standard power-supplies by delivering a fixed current instead of a fixed voltage. The output voltage from a constant current LED driver will vary as required to maintain the desired output current. The forward voltage drop of LED junctions change with temperature, making a constant current driver necessary. Without a constant current source the risk of thermal runaway and total failure is likely.
How do I power an LED driver
Examples of LED and LED driver set-up:
The most efficient way to power an LED driver is with a low voltage direct current (DC) source. A switching power-supply (laptop) or a battery source are ideal, however if your application doesn't allow, we also offer Off-Line constant current LED drivers (120V Input).
Example 1: You want to run 3 Cree XP-G2 LEDs in-series at 1400mA from a low voltage DC source. The LUXdrive A009-D-V-14000 BuckBlock driver will accept between 10Vdc-32Vdc and outputs 1400mA. To provided enough power, the input voltage to the driver must me greater than the forward votlage drop of the 3 LEDs in-series. A Cree XP-G2 LED at 1400mA has a forward voltage of 3.1Vdc, and 3.1 X 3 LEDs = 9.3Vdc. A common battery and power-supply size is 12Vdc, which would be a perfect choice. The final check is to make sure your power-supply can support the wattage. Equation: Watts=Amps X Vdc. In this case 1.4A times 9.3Vdc = 13.02 Watts.
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