Miscellaneous LED Accessories

12V Brushless Fans
Low voltage (12V) brushless motor fans for active cooling of LEDs & heat sinks.
Product ID : 40X40FAN
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Aluminum Turn Knob
Aluminum turn knob that fits a 0.125" (1/8") shaft, 0.5" diameter, 0.625" tall.
Product ID : 03021HEP-KNOB
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Clear Plastic Mounting Track for AC LED Flex Strips
4-Foot clear plastic track (UV Protected) for mounting line voltage AC 3528 LED Flex Strips.
Product ID : LS-TRACK-04
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Clear Plastic Mounting Track for LED Rope Light
4-Foot clear plastic track (UV Protected) for mounting LED Rope Light in straight line installations.
Product ID : LS-ROPE-TRACK-4
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DMX Controller - 6-Channel with Power Supply
6-Channel interface for the QuadPuck DMX controller
Product ID : SDC-6
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Electronic Soldering Tool Kit
Electronic solder tool kit that includes a 30-watt solder iron, solder, solder sucker and iron stand
Product ID : 30W-S-IRON
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Kester Solder - 1lb Spool
.50mm lead solder, 1lb net weight or 454grams, #50/245
Product ID : 417-430
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MakersLED SLIM Heat Sink Fan
Quiet, Solidly built fan that fits perfectly with the MakersHEATSINK SLIM. The addition of a fan allows the SLIM heat sink to dissipate 100-watts per foot.
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Mini TriPOD
5" Mini-Tripod, flexible legs, 1/4"X20 standard camera mount screw & belt grip
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Plastic Mounting Track for AC 5050 LED Strips
3-Foot clear plastic mounting tracking for AC 5050 LED Strip.
Product ID : LS-TRACK-03
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Project Box - ABS Black Plastic
Two piece black project box made from ABS plastic with included screws for cover.
Product ID : PBOX-BLK
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Project Box - Aluminum Enclosure
Dimensions: 7.5" X 4.3" X 2.4" and Channel Walls for PCB Mounting
Product ID : PBOX-AL-7X3X2
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Project Box - Clear Plastic Enclosure
Clear Project Box, Dimensions: 5.9"L X 3.2"W X 1.8"H, Channel Walls
Product ID : PBOX-CP
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I placed my first order today. As someone just getting started using LEDs for my custom lighting designs - simply determining how to "make things work" was taking far more time and ene...
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