Wire, Connectors & Plugs

2-Pin Corner Connector for 10mm LED Strips
Solderless corner connector for quick & easy connection of LED strips around 90-degree bends.
Product ID : 5050-90
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Barrel Plug Power Connector - Center Positive
DC power connectors, 2.1mm or 2.5mm center positive barrel plug connection
Product ID : DC-PJ-XX
Cord Grip Connector
Liquid tight cord connector, 1/2" NPT conduit, 1-cord connector, nylon 6 material
Product ID : CORDGRIP-1
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ElaraStrip - Power Connector
4-pin plastic connector with a center positive 2.5mm barrel plug power connector
Product ID : 06014-PA
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ElaraStrip - Wiring Harnes
4-pin plastic connector with 4 wires for power input & dimming
Product ID : 06014-HE
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Heat-Shrink Tubing
Black tubing for covering wires and solder connections
Product ID : HS-TUBING
Jumper Extensions for AC LED Flex Strips
Jumper cables for passing power between multiple sections of Line Voltage (AC) LED Flex Strip - available in multiple lengths.
Product ID : LS-JUMP-XX
Jumping (Linking) Cable(s) for AC 5050 LED Strips
Where there is a gap in your LED strip lighting, use these jumpers (varying lengths) to connect two separate AC 5050 strips together.
Product ID : LS-H2-JUMP
LED Rope Light Jumper Extensions
Jumper cables for passing power between multiple sections of LED Rope Light - available in 2-foot and 15-foot lengths.
LuxStrip - Power Connector
AVX board-to-board connector with a barrel jack power connection
Product ID : 9008-PN
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LuxStrip - Power Connector with Dimming
AVX connector with a barrel jack power connection & dimming wires
Product ID : 9008-PE
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LuxStrip - Wiring Harness
AVX board-to-board connector with power input wires & dimming wires
Product ID : 9008-HE
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LVL2 Jumper Connectors
Jumper cable for passing power between multiple LVL2 linear fixtures.
Product ID : 07030-XX-PP
Power Cord - 72inch
72" long power cord for a wall outlet, with two stripped leads for connection
Product ID : Q114
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RGB (4-Pin) LED Strip Gapless Connector
4-pin solderless connectors for linking multi-color RGB 5050 SMD LED Flex Strips end-to-end, around corners or for adding leads to the beginning of a strip.
Product ID : 5050-10MM-4
Screw-In Terminal Power Plugs
Male and Female, 2.1mm and 2.5mm Center Positive Plug
Product ID : DC-PA-XX
Single Color (2-Pin) LED Strip Gapless Connector
2-pin solderless connectors for linking single color 5050 SMD LED Flex Strips end-to-end, around corners or for adding leads to the beginning of a new strip.
Product ID : 5050-10MM-2
Wire - 24 Gauge Stranded AWG Wire
Red, black, blue, orange, yellow & white 24-gauge stranded AWG wire
Product ID : 24AWG
Xitanium Driver Connector
Plastic female connector to Xitanium Drivers for power output
Product ID : 1365323-1
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