5mm LEDs

Discrete LEDs available in 5mm epoxy packages, for through hole mounting. They are low cost, and require almost no thermal management, making them ideal for use as indicator lights, and small illuminating devices. The 5mm LEDs listed below are built by top manufacturers in a variety of colors, intensities and illumination patterns. These items are available in small to large volumes with discounted pricing for purchases of 10, 50, 100 and 500 pieces.

Warm, Neutral & Cool-White 5mm LEDs
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink & more 5mm LEDs
Ultra-Violet (UV)
350nm, 360nm, 375nm & 400nm UV 5mm LEDs
Infrared (IR)
850nm & 940nm IR 5mm LEDs
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Have used this supplier before, it is quicker to order from the U.S. than from U.K. dealers, who could do with a lesson on customer service.
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