LEDs by Cree, Luxeon & Nichia

LEDs by Cree, Luxeon & Nichia

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LEDSupply has a large stock of carefully selected
high-power Cree, Nichia and Luxeon LEDs. Our stock
includes the popular Luxeon Rebel, Cree XLamp XP-L,
XT-E, XP-E2, XP-G2, XM-L2 & more.

LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights

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We offer LED tape light, rope light, and waterproof
flexible strip for indoor-outdoor applications in a
variety of lengths, colors and intensities. Use our
tutorials and resources or contact us for support!

Drivers by LUXdrive, Phihong & More

Drivers by LUXdrive, Phihong & More

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Don't power your expensive LEDs without a constant
current AC or DC driver. At LEDSupply find efficient
constant current LED drivers from LUXdrive, MagTech,
Recom, Meanwell & Phihong.

LED Heat Sinks by MakersLED

LED Heat Sinks by MakersLED

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Find LED heat sinks to cool your LEDs that range
from small finned heat sinks, to LED aluminum
housings, aluminum stock and larger extruded
heat sinks like the MakersLED Heat Sink Kit!

LED Flashlights & Upgrades

LED Flashlights & Upgrades

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Save battery life and increase light output by using LED
Flashlights, Headlamps or upgrade your MagLite flashlight
now & start saving! Our MagLite upgrade kits are the
lowest price and require no tools.

LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights

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Start saving now and replace outdoor home, business and
security lighting with energy saving LED flood lights. These flood
lights are UL listed, waterproof, constructed of rugged aluminum, use
powerful BridgeLUX LEDs and include extended warranties.

1500 Lumen LED Lume Cube

1500 Lumen LED Lume Cube

Works with GoPro, Smartphone or any Camera:

Add 1500 lumens of professional quality LED light to your
camera, video or use it for any general lighting! With a
1/4 20 mount, the Lume Cube is ready to mount and comes
with both manual and bluetooth controls. The design
is beautiful, sleek and small; measuring only 1.5-Inches cubed.

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High-Power LEDs

Buy high-brightness (HB) LED brands like Luxeon, Nichia, Osram and Cree LEDs from LEDSupply! The binning of our LEDs are carefully selected for optimum flux, forward voltage, correlated color temperature (CCT) and color rendering index (CRI). View our LEDs and find the highest lumen LEDs for sale.
High Power LEDs
LED Drivers

Efficient LED Drivers

LEDSupply began providing the worlds smallest most efficient constant current LED drivers; helping maximize the energy potential of LEDs. View our LED driver selection to find the most reliable brands: Phihong, MagTech, Mean Well, Recom and LUXdrive's entire line of constant current LED Drivers are all available at low prices.

Secondary LED Optics

Molded from lens quality poly-carbonate, secondary LED Optics are used to control optical properties. Typically, the pattern of light from an LED is 120°, but optic companies like Carclo, Fraen and Khatod are helping lighting designers provide spot, medium, wide and elliptical patterns of light.
LED Optics
LED Heatsinks

Cooling LED Heat-Sinks

Controlling heat generated from LEDs with proper heat-sinking is vital to increasing the lifetime and lumen output of your LEDs. In an effort to get maximum light output, we recommend at least 9-square inches of heat-sink for every 3-watts of LEDs. View our LED heat sink options and find aluminum stock, finned heatsinks and larger aluminum extruded heatsinks like the MakersLED Kit.
Scroll Leading Brands or View All!
Aavid Thermalloy
Arctic Silver
Mean Well
LED Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet LEDs

LED under-cabinet lighting provides energy savings, is easy to install, affordable and looks excellent - shop our LED strips selection to find exactly what you need!
LED Reef Tank Light

LED Reef Light

Stop replacing your metal-halide lamps and start saving with one of our long-lasting, energy efficient, solderless MakersLED Reef Tank Kits!
LED Flood Light

LED Flood Light

Do you have outdoor lighting that runs all night? Replace those lamps immediately and start saving energy with our robust LED Flood lights.
LED Indoor Grow Light

LED Grow Light

Switch to LEDs for a safer, more efficient, longer-lasting indoor growing solution. We make it easy with our top-performing solderless MakersLED Grow Light Kit!

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