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LED Heatsink Category Description

Heatsinks and housings give your project a clean enclosure while maintaining a low temperature – critcial for LEDs.

Our fully-stocked heat-sink section includes a variety of LED Housings for sale. Start with the most complete selection of LED housings online, like Star LED Housing, which fits 1-Up and 3-Up LED configurations. Two different diameter and length of housings are available to provide adequate heat-sinking for 3-Watt, 9-Watt and 15-Watt applications. The LED Light Housings are designed to be complete luminaries, with each piece of the housing machined from aluminum. They are sold without LEDs, Optics and LED Drivers, but the same housings and all the LED components required are available in our LED Kit Section; additional kits include the MakersLED Heatsink Kit.

Don't forget about our Aluminum stock, which includes Aluminum Flat Bar, Angle Bar, Square Tube, U-Channel and full size Aluminum Sheets.

Review the complete menu of heatsink components and brands to build your own LED array.


Top Selling Heatsinks & Housings:

Aluminum Flat Bar
1/8" thick, 1" wide, 6061 T6511 aluminum
Product ID : AFB1X125
Aluminum Sheet - 12inch X 12inch
1/8" thick, 12" X 12", 5052-H32 aluminum
Product ID : A12X12
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Half-Brick Heatsink - Black Powder Coated Finish with Mounting Holes
Black anodized aluminum, 10C/W, 61mm X 58mm X 24mm, RoHS
Product ID : 102-1489
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Half-Brick Heatsink - Black Powder Coated Finish with Screws
Black anodized aluminum, 10C/W, 61mm X 58mm X 11.50mm, RoHS
Product ID : 102-1488
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Heatsink - Finned with Adhesive Tape
Black anodized aluminum, thermal adhesive, 35mm X 35mm X 18mm
Product ID : HS13137
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LED Housing - 1-Up LED Heatsink
1-Up aluminum LED star housing for holding an LED, optic & optic holder
Product ID : ALK-20M-1UP-EH
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LED Housing - 3-Up LED Heatsink
3-Up aluminum LED star housing for holding an LED & optic
Product ID : ALK-20M-3UP-EH
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LED Light Housing - 15-Watt
Aluminum heatsink and housing for a star LED, optic and LED Driver
Product ID : ALK-LH-15W
MakersLED Heatsink Kit
Anodized LED heatsink kit, with fans, lens, hardware & cut-to-length
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