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LEDSupply is an Authorized Phihong Distributor

Introducing Phihong: Now Source a World Leader in AC LED Drivers & Switching Power Supplies from LEDSupply

Authorized Distributor

LEDSupply is proud to announce that we have recently become an approved dealer of Phihong products. What does this mean for you? It means you will soon have access to Phihong constant current LED drivers and 12V switching power supplies. We are confident this will help with many lighting applications as selling Phihong’s line greatly expands our options for off-line (AC input) LED drivers.

A Name You Can Trust

Phihong is a global leader in power solutions. They have a full product line of their own but also are an OEM company that deals with many large fixture manufacturers to build custom drivers specific to their needs. They truly are all over the globe with design labs, manufacturing facilities and sales support centers in California, New York, the Netherlands, China, Japan and Taiwan. Having a long history in developing helpful power solutions for lighting, they have built a reputation on delivering excellent quality goods and services. With the growth of LED lighting, they have developed many different series of power supply adapters and drivers for LED applications both indoor and outdoor. Continue reading

The Light Around Us Exhibit: LEDs used for Science

Today I’ve got a little something cool to announce and talk about. The Light Around Us: Color, Reflections, and Invisible Energy is an exhibition that explores both the physics of light and how we see it. I was contacted about this exhibit by a loyal customer of LEDSupply, Tom Nielsen. Tom is a partner in a small company called The Exhibit Guys out of Tucson, Arizona. They specialize in making exhibits for science centers and children’s museums and recently completed this project at the Montshire Museum of Science, right in our backyard in Norwich, VT. They used a lot of our products in completing these exhibits so we thought it would be cool to show what they did, what they aim to teach kids about light, and how LEDs are perfect for these projects. Continue reading

A Lighting Timeline of Mount Rushmore

Lighting effects on Mount Rushmore were very important to sculptor Gutzon Borglum when he was constructing the Presidents on Mount Rushmore. He spent countless hours analyzing the shadows and how the sun fell so that the best viewing could be achieved during the daylight hours. Since then, artificial light has been introduced so it can be viewed at night as well. Mount Rushmore was experimented with many times to find the best light sources and it is now lit by the best…LED lighting. So in honor of President’s Day, lets take a quick look at the timeline and events that led to LEDs lighting up this famous American monument. Continue reading

LED Streetlights

LED Streetlights: The Billion Dollar Answer

LED StreetlightGreener, more efficient, less hazardous outputs…we’ve heard it all in the push to become a more environmentally friendly (greener) country. Another agenda that usually comes hand in hand with this is more economical, in finding ways to save money, lower tax rates and be as efficient as possible with our money and resources. That being said it is time to look at some areas in which this country and our local communities (it starts here) can do to make these goals come true. Obama and the Department of Energy (DOE) launched the Presidential Challenge for Advanced Outdoor Lighting under the Better Buildings program to acknowledge the need to improve in this area.

Outdoor lighting in the U.S. this year alone will consume enough energy to power 6 million homes. Continue reading

Winner is LEDs in 2015 Super Bowl

And the 2015 Super Bowl Winner is….LEDs

superbowlxlix-264x300Say what you will about Super Bowl XLIX, yes it may be the first Super Bowl and postseason meeting between the Patriots and Seahawks, yes Tom Brady becomes the first Quarterback to make it to 6 Super Bowls, yes there might be some more ‘ball checks’ to make sure the appropriate air pressure is met, and yes the coaches may have some history (Belichick was hired in 1999 to replace Pete Carroll). Even without all the headlines over this match up, the Super Bowl will make history on February 1, 2015 as it will be the first time that this iconic game will be played under LED lights.

The University of Phoenix Stadium recently Continue reading

Great Honor to Inventors of Blue LED

For 30 years scientists tried to create the blue LED. Red and green diodes had been around for years, but in 1990 three scientists created blue diodes and only then could the white LED lamps that we see lighting every corner of our world be created.

One-fourth of the world’s electrical energy is consumed in producing light, the invention of the blue LED holds great promise for increasing the quality of life for over 1.5 billion people around the world who lack access to electricity grids. Given this and because LED lights save on energy, last long and are environmentally-friendly because they don’t contain mercury, the honoring committee said the trio’s work is in keeping with the spirit of Continue reading

LED Christmas Lights

LED Christmas Light Show For Charity

LED Christmas LightsA friend of ours from Connecticut, Michael D. White, turned a Foxwoods Texas Hold ’em cash prize into a fantastic LED synchronized light show during the holiday season! Soon, people started to stop, watch and donate, so began his annual charity.

Every year now his house lights up with LEDs choreographed to nostalgic Christmas tunes – along with his own blend of music tastes! He has three shows a night from Thursday – Sunday; each show lasting 30 minutes.

It’s not all fun and games – this is serious business setting up a light show like this. Here is a recent post of his: Dear ghosting leaks, tripping GFCI’s, bad triacs, excessive amp loads, polarity reversals. I don’t really understand you so go away please. Thank you. Oh BTW, I wouldn’t step in my front yard if I were you. Kiribati I live there and I am a little hesitant of my “not electrocuting myself skills”.

In all seriousness, Mike has created a great DIY LED project and we all thank him!

LEDSupply would like to create a “Christmas Light Show Kit” for our DIY LED Projects, which would include LED Christmas lights with the parts, materials and instructions on how to set-up something similar. Please let us know what you think of the show and or if you have any interest in buying a kit like this.