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Installing LED Flex Strips: Mounting Techniques

LED Strip Adhesive (peel off) BackingLED flex strips are extremely popular in home lighting applications. LED strip light applications continue to grow because of their ease of use. The low-profile design, flexibility, efficiency and adhesive backing make them a no-brainer for many DIYers looking to put LEDs in their home. Like any other product, the whole is only as good as the parts. A common failure for these strips is that their adhesive backing fails on some surfaces or tends to give way over time. Luckily, here at LEDSupply we have taken feedback and found additional ways to mount these LED strips. Use some of these methods in installing LED strips to enjoy for years to come! Continue reading

120V LED Light Strips: Long run strips for indoors and out!

LED Strip LightingWith the constant improvement in LED strip lighting, linear lighting applications continue to increase in popularity. LED flex strips have become the standard for adding indirect, accent lighting around your home. These low voltage, 12V strips are used a lot in under cabinet lighting, back-lighting and shelf lighting…a big drawback is that they do not come in long lengths, the longest available single run option being only 16.4 feet (5m). Standard density strips can connect up to 32 feet long but that is still too short for applications like crown and cove lighting, outdoor deck lighting, or any application requiring a long string of lights. Luckily there is an AC powered LED strip that boasts a much heavier duty design that I would have no problem putting in any elements, plus it can run in long lengths all the way up to 150 feet! Continue reading

Our LED Grow Light Kit Write-Up: Using the Highest-Quality LED Components!

LED grow light kitWhen LEDs became powerful, circa 2006, we started getting requests from customers to help them use our LEDs for growing (horticulture). Before giving out too much information, we researched photosynthesis and did an internal grow test using shorter wavelength blue and longer wavelength red LEDs. After the success of that first test, we decided to develop a high-quality LED grow light kit; something that used name brand and reliable LEDs and components. At that time, all the LED grow products we were seeing on the market seemed to have vague specifications, outlandish claims, looked cheaply built and used unreliable components. Of course our kit started small in-scale, but now almost 10-years later Continue reading

The Light Around Us Exhibit: LEDs used for Science

Today I’ve got a little something cool to announce and talk about. The Light Around Us: Color, Reflections, and Invisible Energy is an exhibition that explores both the physics of light and how we see it. I was contacted about this exhibit by a loyal customer of LEDSupply, Tom Nielsen. Tom is a partner in a small company called The Exhibit Guys out of Tucson, Arizona. They specialize in making exhibits for science centers and children’s museums and recently completed this project at the Montshire Museum of Science, right in our backyard in Norwich, VT. They used a lot of our products in completing these exhibits so we thought it would be cool to show what they did, what they aim to teach kids about light, and how LEDs are perfect for these projects. Continue reading

3 Do-It-Yourself LED Projects from our Customers

Here at LEDSupply our main focus is selling LED components, as our slogan says ‘For all your LED project needs’. Yes we have a DIY section and some kits that we can put together for our customers, but overall we deal with customers that intend to use these quality LED components for their own, customized applications. Being on the LEDSupply team I can tell you first hand that we like to see how our customers are using our products to accomplish what they want. It’s pretty cool to see what some people can come up with for a variety of applications. So just for the sake of sharing, and to give you a little added inspiration Continue reading

Helping You Light the Way

Helping You Light the Way

LED Kit ThumbnailThe lighting industry is currently in one of the biggest shifts of its time. There’s no coincidence that the 2014 Nobel Prize in physics recently was awarded to three scientists for the invention of the efficient blue LEDs and that 2015 has been coined the International Year of Lighting by the United Nations. The incandescent bulb is now obsolete due to its inefficiency and there are changes on the horizon Continue reading

Thousands of MakersLED Builds

The Only DIY Reef Tank Solution

MakersHeatsinkThe fun began in 2007 when calls started rolling in about using high-brightness LEDs for reef tank lighting – the buzz was real. Given the ‘newness’ of LEDs at that time and the expense, in both time and money, required to build a custom tank, there weren’t many willing to be guinea pigs. The break through was the build by Soundwave. Soundwave (Reef-Central Forum Username), a loyal customer, who believed in LED technology and was willing to learn and construct a completely custom 4-foot reef tank light, called us and took on the project. Long story short, Continue reading

A Cheap LED lighting Solution – Save $457

You want to save money and like the idea of saving on your energy bill by lighting with LEDs, however you have looked at LED fixtures and been turned-off by their price. You may have seen LED fixtures from places like Lightology and Hubbarton Forge for over $500, that only produce as much light as a 60-watt incandescent. This seems expensive and almost ridiculous when you consider the cost of the LED and LED driver required to produce that amount of light. Continue reading

7 Cool DIY LED Projects


These are just a few traits that LEDSupply sees time and time again from customers through their LED projects.

If you haven’t visited or purchased from before; we support our customers with top-of-the-line LEDs, LED drivers & general LED supplies for their LED projects. If we are lucky, often we get to see the results of their projects via pictures and videos. We love seeing this work and thought you might appreciate seeing too – here are 7 great DIY LED lighting projects from us and from you. Continue reading