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All-in-One 12V & 24V LEDs: Making DIY Lighting Easier than Ever

Working with LED lighting does not have to be hard. You have probably thought of a cool lighting idea that you have not attempted to build in the past. Why not? I believe most people, like you, feel they are not educated or skilled enough to create the LED lighting idea on their own.

Well I have news for you… Stop, leave that ‘but I can’t’ thought behind. In this post, I will show you just how easy LED lighting can be to set up with the right products!

What is needed to Create an LED Light

Ever wanted to build an LED lamp? Now you can with just 2 parts!

With the growing popularity of LED lighting, many have researched and contacted me asking how to create small LED lights, LED lamps, LED panel lights, downlights…you name it. This would start a discussion about the different components needed to complete an LED setup:

  • Surface mount device (SMD) LEDs or LED Modules
  • Constant Current Drivers
  • AC/DC Power Supplies
  • Heatsinks

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Lighting MFGs Reduce Design Size with New MiniPuck LED Driver from LUXdrive

MiniPuck LED Driver Small in SizeLEDs started small (in size) and keep getting smaller! This ‘miniaturization’ of the semiconductor market is allowing lighting manufacturers to reduce the size of their products. To aid that effort, LUXdrive, a division of LEDdynamics, Inc., has developed a new product, to add to their line of constant current low voltage LED drivers, called the MiniPuck.

LUXdrive is well known for building low voltage DC/DC LED drivers. They make the BuckBlock, FlexBlock, PowerPuck, BuckToot, MicroPuck, BuckBullet and BuckPuck. These drivers are all small, but not as small as the MiniPuck. The new MiniPuck is the perfect Continue reading

Dynamic LED Light Housing: The Interchangeable LED Module

LEDSupply offers many high power LEDs from the likes of top manufacturers such as Cree and Luxeon. These surface mount LEDs are not finished products, rather the light source for whatever lamp or light emitting product you plan to build. These component LEDs are mounted on a 20mm star board—a small aluminum based circuit board (MCPCB). In order to illuminateLED light kit components these LEDs and keep them running safely there are multiple components needed: LED drivers, power supplies, optics, and heatsinks…just to name a few. With multiple working parts, not to mention all the wiring, comes the need to put it all together into a finished product without it looking like a crazy science experiment. That is where dynamic LED housings can come in handy, making for a sleek LED module with multiple purposes. Continue reading

Automatic Lighting with Motion Sensor LED Light Strip Module

I work with LED lighting everyday and am still continually amazed at the sheer amount of lumens LEDs can emit. Take for example our new LED Motion Sensor Strip Light, with just a 20″ section and a 8AA battery-pack, this motion activated light boasts as much light as a 40-Watt incandescent bulb; plus it can run over 30+ hours before needing to be recharged. Since it’s wireless, super-bright, battery-powered, custom, inexpensive and activated by motion there are literally tons of lighting applications to consider. But first, lets look at the main components that make-up this module and then look closer at all its benefits, features and applications. Continue reading

120V LED Light Strips: Long run strips for indoors and out!

LED Strip LightingWith the constant improvement in LED strip lighting, linear lighting applications continue to increase in popularity. LED flex strips have become the standard for adding indirect, accent lighting around your home. These low voltage, 12V strips are used a lot in under cabinet lighting, back-lighting and shelf lighting…a big drawback is that they do not come in long lengths, the longest available single run option being only 16.4 feet (5m). Standard density strips can connect up to 32 feet long but that is still too short for applications like crown and cove lighting, outdoor deck lighting, or any application requiring a long string of lights. Luckily there is an AC powered LED strip that boasts a much heavier duty design that I would have no problem putting in any elements, plus it can run in long lengths all the way up to 150 feet! Continue reading

Magnitude Lighting Converters: LED Strip Power Supply with TRIAC Dimming

Magnitude Lighting ConvertersEvery LED lighting set up will come down to finding a power source adequate for your set up. The planning and research process is a bit more difficult with LED lighting as you first need to decide whether your LEDs need a constant current or constant voltage source. We are constantly adding to our LED drivers line which drive constant current to high power LEDs, but noticed we were lacking in constant voltage power supplies. We have many wall mount and desktop power supplies that plug into a standard outlet, but few that could be hardwired for LED strips and such that need a 12VDC source. In an attempt to expand our LED strip power supply line and make setting up projects easier for our customers we have brought Magnitude constant voltage power supplies into our power supply family. These power sources work Continue reading

Our LED Grow Light Kit Write-Up: Using the Highest-Quality LED Components!

LED grow light kitWhen LEDs became powerful, circa 2006, we started getting requests from customers to help them use our LEDs for growing (horticulture). Before giving out too much information, we researched photosynthesis and did an internal grow test using shorter wavelength blue and longer wavelength red LEDs. After the success of that first test, we decided to develop a high-quality LED grow light kit; something that used name brand and reliable LEDs and components. At that time, all the LED grow products we were seeing on the market seemed to have vague specifications, outlandish claims, looked cheaply built and used unreliable components. Of course our kit started small in-scale, but now almost 10-years later Continue reading

Are My LEDs Too Hot? Thermal Compounds & Adhesives are Crucial in LED Heat Transfer!

High Power LEDs are driven at higher drive currents and have high light output. LEDs may be cool on the outside, but because of this increase in power running through them, their internal (junction) temperature will increase with use. We have talked about finding an adequate heatsink for your LED set up which helps to transfer the heat from the LED to an outside surface. This will lower the junction temperature of the LED, keeping it running bright and degrading at a much lower rate, for much longer LED run time. However, in order to make this transfer of heat more efficient, it is a very good idea to use a thermally conductive epoxy or compound in between your LED and heatsink. This will create a thermal path in which the heat can easily move away from the precious diode, to your heatsink, which then will be passively cooled by the surrounding elements or actively cooled by a fan.Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound

Now in the world of thermal compounds and adhesives it is pretty easy to get trapped into buying a low-quality product. Here at LEDSupply, we realize the importance of these thermal materials which is why we carry Arctic Silver thermal compounds and adhesives. These quality products have great thermal conductivity and I would recommend using in any LED project, especially if you are running the LEDs at 1 Amp (1000mA) or more. Let me tell you this, the couple bucks extra that you spend on this will more than make up for this in the long run as it will result in better LED performance and much longer lifetime. Continue reading

Perfect LED Retrofit Solution for Landscape Lighting using a 12VAC Transformer

LED Landscape LightSome sort of outdoor, landscape lighting is needed in many residential and commercial areas. Whether it just be small security lights, pathway markers, or just added accent lighting around the grounds, they run on a certain system and if you plan on switching to LEDs you will need to be aware of this. Most outdoor lighting systems run off of a low voltage AC transformer, usually 12VAC. These 12VAC transformers are already in place in the majority of houses and businesses as incandescent bulbs could take AC power and it had advantages over going straight from the main line (120VAC). When switching to LEDs this can be a problem as LEDs need direct current, and most LED drivers are made for low DC voltage or high AC line voltage. Here at LEDSupply, however, we have the perfect driver option for landscape and outdoor lighting systems that utilize a low voltage AC transformer. Continue reading

The Search for the Best Battery Powered LED Strip: Options & Applications Detailed!

Battery Powered LED Light StripsSearching for battery powered LED light strips?

Same here.

I found nothing good, mostly incomplete solutions that were over-priced. Most of the options had dim LEDs, cheap battery packs, no switch or waterproofing, poor mounting choices and limited colors and controlling options. There was a lot missing from what I needed, so… Continue reading