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The Stove Lite – An LED “First”

For the last few years, a close group of engineers from Vermont Technical College have been experimenting with a technology called thermoelectric generators (TEG).

In 1821, thomas Johann Seebeck discovered that a thermal gradient formed between two dissimilar conductors produces a voltage. At the heart of the thermoelectric effect is the fact that a temperature gradient in a conducting material results in heat flow; this results in the diffusion of charge carriers. The flow of charge carriers between the hot and cold regions in turn creates a voltage difference.

Wiki definition of TEG: Thermoelectric generators (also called Seebeck generators) are devices that convert heat (temperature differences) directly into electrical energy, using a phenomenon called the Seebeck effect (a form of thermoelectric effect).

The Stove Lite is a traditional looking lantern that is anything but conventional. Place it on your wood stove and light your home with beautiful and efficient LED light using the power generated from heat – as long as your wood stove is hot, the Stove Lite generates electricity and light.

The Stove Lite Pro model includes an on-board battery, dimming-control, on/off switch and a tiny USB charging connector, known as a Micro-B socket. This port is commonly found on cellphones, tablets and other portable devices. This port will allow the Stove Lite Pro to be charged externally via an AC wall adapter or automotive charge port.

Let the video tell the whole story:

Learn more here at the Stove Lite Kickstarter Page:

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Brooke Sault

Technology enthusiast working to enable the use of LED lighting - Living in the Green Mountain State of Vermont with my family and working with a company like LEDSupply, that is helping to provide energy saving LED products, is a great place and platform to accomplish my lifelong goal of making a positive impact on our world.

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