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Ultra-Violet (UV) High Power LED Product and Applications Overview

a007-a008-uv410-48_sideSemiLeds Corporation, a leading developer and manufacturer of LED components have come out with UV LED chips that are capable of emitting radiation at 390-420 nm. This is the manufacturer that made the chip that goes in our new Ultra-Violet (UV) High Power LED Stars, available in 1-up and 3-up with 410-420 nm wavelengths. SemiLeds new technology in UV LED chips boasts a 40% external quantum efficiency at 350mA. EQE is an LED’s ability to convert electrons into photons. SemiLEDs are proud to push the UV LED industry as their COO and president was quoted:

“Our patented structure and metal alloy substrate allow us to produce and supply to the industrial curing market UV LEDs that are capable of operating at high current with high output power density. We are proud to be able to advance the UV LED technology for the curing industry and to provide cost-effective solutions to our customers thanks to our proprietary MvpLED technology.”

The UV LED we just launched last week is categorized in the UV-A category, this category holds UV LEDs with higher wavelengths as the one we have in stock is 410-420nm. UV LEDs in this A range can have a variety of benefits but here are a few of the bigger ones where these LEDs will be applied.

UV Curing

UV curing is the process in which coatings, inks and adhesives are cured or dried using ‘energy’ from UV light sources, rather than conventional heat. The ultraviolet light spectrum in UV LEDs interact with these coatings to cure the materials more quickly, using less energy. This lowers the cost from heat options.

The advantages of UV have been well shown, especially when used with manufactured products that include inks, adhesives and coatings on things that are sensitive to heat. Also UV is much more environmentally friendly since most of the solvents in inks, paints, adhesives and coatings can be eliminated, thanks to the special capabilities of UV curing.

UV LEDs are revolutionizing the UV curing industry. Traditional UV lights contain Mercury, a well known pollutant, but the UV LEDs are mercury free which makes UV even more green. Watch for UV LEDs to be used in a lot of machines for curing coatings and such, a good example is how laser printers are starting to use UV LEDs more, making them much more efficient and work faster without heating up too much.

Currency Verification

Another growing market for UV LEDs is that of currency and document verification. UV LEDs are making it possible for new applications and making the process of verification much easier. SemiLEDs UV LEDs feature unique qualitites that enable more reliable and more dynamic verification:

  • Peak wavelength of LED bins are relatively narrower than industry norms
  • Violet and UV LEDs are available in wavelengths ranging from 360nm to 420nm
  • LED chips are available in a variety of sizes
  • Relatively lower forward voltage values enable more efficient portable applications and higher drive currents


Tanning is one of those markets that is growing and has a big user base but really needs new technology. Most tanning beds today use mercury tubes…Mercury is a notorious pollutant and the tubes flux is very inconsistent; dropping about half of their performance after 500 hours. Mercury tubes also emit UVB rays which cause skin aging and in some cases Melanoma.

SemiLEDs UVA LEDs are much more clean, safer, more consistent and way more efficient. The LEDS emit a narrow peak wavelength of light, thus maximizing the tanning effect. SemiLEDs LEDs are RoHS compliant and Mercury free. They last over 50k hours, therefore minimizing maintenance costs and providing better output over time.

These are just a few areas in which UV LEDs can strengthen some markets. They are definitely a much needed improvement to current UV lights and will grow in popularity over time. We offer these Ultra-Violet (UV) LED emitters re-flowed on a LUXdrive metal core printed circuit board. We offer this Ultra-Violet (UV) High Power LED Star in a 1-up option (1 LED per board) for $7.99, and 3-up option (3 LEDs per board) for $21.75. Check out our data sheet for more specific qualities of this UV LED.

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