LED Retrofit Kit for Outdoor Light Fixtures

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  • High efficiency LED board retrofit
  • No bulbs - long lasting Nichia 757 diodes!
  • Alternate light source for legacy fixtures!

Product Details

Complete LED Light Kit 6W LED Retrofit / Conversion Includes: 3000K or 5000K LED Light Board, 12V power supply & photocell switch
Super Bright: 1050 Lumens Wattage: 6.4W
High Efficacy 175 Lumens/Watt No Bulbs: 30 efficient Nichia LED chips offer an outstanding life-time!
LED Board Size: 2.4" x 2.9" Rectangle Mounting: 4 Mounting holes in corners or Thermal Adhesive or tape
Color Temperatures: 3000K Warm White or 5000K Cool White Premium Power Supply: 8W Mean Well


2023 Power Supply Update: The Hatch LV12-12N-UNV-Y Power Supply has been replaced with the Mean Well APV-8-12 for this kit.

Our LED retrofit kit is a cost-effective, long-term solution for exterior lighting fixtures. The 6 Watt, high-efficacy LED kit can replace a 100-watt incandescent source while significantly reducing your home's energy costs. The retrofit kit features 30 Nichia 757 LEDs and provides a 120-degree light output. The LED board was built specifically for the provided 12V Power Supply, and the photocell switch makes it so you can set and forget your outdoor lighting fixture.

This LED kit is perfect for replacing cheaply built light sources in high-end fixtures or for retrofitting legacy lighting fixtures using incandescent or halogen bulbs. Due to high demand we have an informative blog detailing the installation of this Kit in an Altair lantern.

6W Draco LED Light Engine

The Draco LED board was initially designed to replace cheap LED boards in outdoor lighting fixtures. This 6W board takes a simple 12V input due to onboard driver circuitry. The board was designed for easy-install with two poke-home input connections. Below the connection point is a .3" hole for discrete wiring.

Heatsinking - Extend Lifetime

To ensure your LEDs never overheat, it is best to use a small heatsink with the Draco LED board. Most LED fixtures you will be replacing already have an aluminum plate acting as a heatsink that you can mount the Draco to. If you need to fit a heatsink directly to the Draco, remember to find one suitable for 6 Watts of power (the total surface area roughly needs to be 6 square inches).

The Draco PCB has convenient .12" diameter mounting holes in each corner. We recommend 4-40 machine mounting screws and the washers should not exceed .25" in diameter. An alternative mounting method to machine screws is thermal adhesive tapes or pastes.

12-Watt Hatch Power Supply UPDATED to Mean Well 8 Watt in 2023.

The Mean Well APV-8-12 is a compact plastic case power supply suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting applications. The power supply accepts full 90-264VAC input and outputs 12VDC. The 18 AWG wire works perfectly for the poke-home connections on the Draco.

PhotoCell Switch Wiring

The photocell switch needs to be connected on the AC side of the power supply, then connected through the rest of the system. The wiring diagram below will help when connecting the LED retrofit kit.

Electrical & Environmental Information

Input Power 120-277VAC
Mounting Double Sided Adhesive included (additional mounting holes for screws)
LED Board Dimensions 2.9 x 2.4 x 0.2 in (73.66 x 60.96 x 5.1 mm)
Power Supply Dimensions 2.36 x 1.18 x 0.93 in (60 x 30 x 23.5 mm)
Photocell Dimensions 1.6 x 0.77 x 1.46 in (40.64 x 19.56 x 37.08 mm)
Operating Temperature -20 to 80°C
Storage Temperature -40°C - 120°C

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