Nano Reef Tank LED Light Kit

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  • Perfect LED for Reef Tank Enthusiasts!
  • Made with Cree LEDs
  • 6500 Cool White & Royal Blue LEDs

Product Details

Complete Kit with Solderless Connections Includes: (12pcs) Cree XT-E Royal-Blue LEDs
(1) 10" MakersLED Heatsink Kit (12pcs) Cree XT-E Cool-White LEDs
(1) MakerDRIVER 2UP PRO (1pc) Arctic Silver Thermal Paste
(1) 48Vdc Power Supply 24gauge Wire
(1) Pre-Mounted LED Circuit Board LED, Drilling & Wiring Schematic



The Nano LED Reef Tank Kit is a long-lasting light designed to provide all the features reef enthusiasts demand, in a package that anyone can assemble and at an affordable price.  More specifically the Nano Kit is approximately 75-Watts, 10-inches long and designed for smaller sized nano tanks. 

Since 2008 folks have been turning to LEDs to lower energy costs, reduce heat and increase the longevity of their reef tank bulbs.  In the early stages of LED reef tank lighting the talented folks at MakersLED built their own LED tank lights and knowing how complicated the process was, they created the MakersLED Heatsink Kit.  The MakersLED Heatsink was engineered with integrated t-slots making it easy to mount star LEDs; the heatsink has many other features, watch the 2-minute video below to see more.  The heatsink kit includes: anodized heatsink, splash guard, end caps, fan and LED mounting hardware.  Next, MakersLED developed LED drivers that mount directly to the MakersLED heatsink.  The MakersDRIVER 2UP PRO, which is included with the Nano LED Reef Tank Kit, drives LEDs & the fan; it also provides dimming and a remote control interface.  The MakersDRIVER 2UP PRO easily plugs in with an optional MakersCONTROLLER, which makes automating and controlling the LEDs easy.  The MakersController works with the driver to create sunrise, sunset and other special effects throughout the day.  Although the MakersDRIVER 2UP PRO does include a manual dimming option via 2 turn knobs, we highly recommend adding the MakersCONTROLLER to your kit.  As stated above, the controller provides sunrise, sunset as well as cloud cover, high-noon and simulates lightning storms.  The one-click menu on the MakersCONTROLLER and included documentation, make setting up the MakersCONTROLLER very quick and simple.  

The Nano kit includes an equal number of Royal-Blue (12pcs) and cool-White (12pcs) Cree XT-E high power LEDs.  To avoid soldering, the LEDs are pre-mounted to a printed circuit board, which allows connections via screw-in terminals. The final piece of the kit is a 100-Watt 48Vdc switching plug-in power supply. Depending on your tank set-up you may want to also consider adding a hanging kit to your light. The hanging kit is an accessory that fits into the MakersLED heatsink and allows the entire kit to be suspended from a ceiling.


MakersLED Heatsink Video Overview:



MakersLED Heatsink & MakersDRIVER 2UP PRO Images:




MakersController Features:



MakersController Daily Schedule Example:


MakersCONTROLLER Features


MakersCONTROLLER Details:


MakersCONTROLLER Display


MakersCONTROLLER Menu Structure:


MakersCONTROLLER Menu Structure


MakersCONTROLLER Connection to MakersDRIVER 2UP PRO:


MakersCONTROLLER Typical Usage


Full Documentation


MakersDRIVER 2UP Pro DocumentationMakersDRIVER 2UP ProMakersCONTROLLER Full Documentation text-align:top;MakersCONTROLLER



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