LightFair International 2015: Day 1

The first day at LightFair 2015 was a success. I arrived at the Javits Center here in New York City early this morning to see the scene. With thousands of booths it can be a bit overwhelming but I was able to hit a big sector today to take a first look at what was to offer.

With LED technology taking off and now that manufacturers really understand the capability of these lights, powering them and controlling them; the push now is for what else we can do with them. Today I hit a lot of home lighting and outdoor fixtures. The push for LED streetlights is definitely here. I was able to see a lot of the newer fixtures and designs that manufacturers are putting together as you will see below in this post.

What stuck out to me on this first day is that everyone is trying to come up with the most innovative and modern day fixture. All around there were different types of lights from linear styles to the old gas lamp looking lights. Although a lot of people were trying to get out there and be different, a big thing that stuck out to me was how everyone almost looked the same. A lot of outdoor lights with modern twists or new designs but not a ton that really stuck out to me.

My overall takeaway from the day was just seeing the capabilities of LEDs. With the small size and even better light it has never been easier to come up with some new fixtures that impress the market. So take a look at the photos today and see how you could use our products for them. Tomorrow I’m hoping to hit more of the LED components side to see what more we could offer for you and to keep you updated on new products hitting the market.

Its been a great Day 1 and I will tune in tomorrow to let you know what else I find. Enjoy the pictures until then.IMG_2934


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Taylor Scully

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