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Lume Cube Review – 1500 Lumen LED Light Controlled Straight from Your Phone!

Compact Lume Cube

The Lume Cube is a small, but very powerful LED flash and video light you can take on the go. The super small, 1.5” cube design, allows you to pack 1,500 Lumens of light wherever you may need it. Throw it in your pocket and you have it whenever, no need to carry a ton of lighting equipment everywhere you plan to shoot. That isn’t even what we are most excited about, the real kicker is that you can control the Lume Cube right from your phone. As a matter of fact, with the Lume Cube Pro smartphone app, you can control up to 5 Lume Cubes via Bluetooth, giving you total control over your lighting setup. Five Lume Cubes at the same time? That’s right, a total of 7,500 Lumens you can control from 5 different lighting points, straight from your phone! (if I haven’t convinced you of the importance of this product in flash photography…then keep reading)

The Lume Cube can basically act as an LED panel light like you would have in your photo studio. They can be used as an external flash for photos, or as a continuous light source for video. I first reached out to Lume Cube when I found out about the product through an article on GoPro and have become more and more impressed since, especially when I got one of these in my hands and could test it out. There are so many reasons that you are going to want the Lume Cube, whether it be just for studio lighting or to shoot action videos.

Out of the Box


This is what you will receive when you open up your Lume Cube (packaged extremely well I might add):

  • 1 manual
  • 1 lume cube
  • 1 powering cable
  • and 1 sticker…to rep the CUBE!

*In the dual and quad packs, you will get 2 or 4 of each!

The DesignCOLORS

The Lume Cube is offered in 3 different color options: Gun Metal Grey, Silver, and Black. The build of the unit is actually surprisingly solid. I knew it would be pretty stable as it is waterproof rated down to 100′, but wow, just from picking up the cube you can tell this is built well and built to last. I would have no concerns in taking this out and using it mounted with your GoPro or camera, even if you plan on roughing it up a bit.

I was curious as to how they would make the unit waterproof as it would have a charging port somewhere, they did this by putting a threaded plug on the back. This plug will unscrew using a flat-nosed screwdriver, key, or even a coin. There is a rubber gasket around the base of the plug that seals it so moisture cannot get through. The video below will show how to take it out for charging use. ALWAYS put the plug back in after charging and before using the light! If you’re skeptical about how rugged this design is, let the below tweet put those feelings to rest.

Manual Buttons

The main way to interact with your Lume Cube(s) is through your iOS or Android app, which we will cover later. But as far as physical controls, there are two buttons located on the top of the unit. These buttons allow you to change modes manually, however, if you want to change advanced settings you will need to have your phone handy. The below video runs through how to use the buttons on the Lume Cube, as well as taking out the plugin order to charge it.